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totality services is an award-winning Managed Services Provider (MSP) with a holistic portfolio of services and solutions to help London and UK businesses achieve their technology goals. We have been providing industry leading managed IT services for over a decade and have worked with many leading businesses in and around London.

When you choose totality services for your IT Support in London, we become an extension of your team working seamlessly to ensure a successful partnership. You can rely on us to provide the managed services you need, when you need them. When it comes to resolving issues with IT and security, we are the best there is. If you are concerned about business continuity in the event of a cyber security problem, we can help by providing managed security solutions and disaster recovery assistance for a fixed monthly cost.

Managed IT services London

We don’t concern ourselves with any other part of the UK. totality services is an IT service provider run by Londoners, for Londoners. We understand every last piece of the capital’s telecoms, broadband and commercial IT infrastructure relating to SMEs. We are also a Microsoft Solutions Partner, so if you use Microsoft Office, we can troubleshoot problems in critical applications as part of a monthly contract for a monthly fee we offer as a managed IT service provider.

IT Service Provider for London Businesses

We’ve got offices both north and south of the River Thames to ensure that if we do need to travel to site, we get there quickly to minimise any downtime. All our staff are highly trained and well-versed in the needs of any business that sets up shop in the capital. Time is money, and nowhere on earth does that ring truer than London.

We can provide your business with highly skilled IT professionals, so you get access to the best support possible to increase efficiency in your workplace.

Leading IT Provider

IT Managed Services done the right way by a leading IT Managed Service Provider. In teaming with totality services, we become an extension of your organisation focusing on both short-term objectives and long-term technology initiatives. We become the IT provider of choice for businesses that either don’t have internal IT staff, or for those business looking to extend their existing IT team.

At totality services we provide:

• Fast response times
• Quick fault resolutions and risk mitigation
• Friendly, highly trained staff
• Cost-effective, innovative solutions that suit most businesses
• Sector-specific guidance such as cyber threats advice for small businesses
• Different service levels to suit your budget and business goals
• Technology recommendations on the latest technology

Whatever problem we’re presented with, or whatever technical scenario comes our way, we’re able to take it on and find a solution. As a leading managed IT service provider, nothing phases us. Whether your security service, network security, backup services, or data management IT systems are not up to scratch, it isn’t a problem for us. We can provide proactive support for a range of issues and reliably manage all of your IT.

IT Managed Services company in London

Why partner with us?

No other MSP in London takes what they do more seriously than totality services. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are as a company or how much your support package costs – our staff treat every last interaction with the attention it deserves. There are no hidden costs for the support function we offer.

We’re a provider that offers versatility

Versatility is key. There won’t ever be a need to seek out support for other aspects of your infrastructure – broadband, telecoms etc. – we’ll take care of everything for you. As your company grows, so does our knowledge of your network. It won’t take very long for us to know every last cable, laptop or network switch like the backs of our hands.

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Clear communication, end-to-end IT support, and a super friendly team in Central London

Whatever you need, whenever you need it

We offer a wide-ranging set of products and services that ensures no part of your network is left untouched. Our set of managed IT services packages can either act as a standalone offering in place of a traditional internal IT department, or complement whatever existing technical support staff with the right technical expertise you currently employ.

The full range of IT managed services are on offer:

  • Day-to-day support
  • Large scale network overhauls
  • Network monitoring for potential threats
  • Business process analysis to aid business performance
  • Line of business software installations
  • Cloud migrations
  • Security consultations
  • Data storage

Alongside support for nuts and bolts assets, we can sit in on stakeholder meetings and business operations and help you draft an IT policy that will be the envy of London businesses everywhere. Whatever your business needs, from proactive monitoring of your IT infrastructure to the management of software licenses, we can help. Our managed it service has the technical solutions and specialist knowledge necessary you would expect from an IT partner in London.

Switching is simple

Some CEOs think that moving from one managed IT support provider to another isn’t worth the hassle. Don’t be like them. This can lead to firms sticking with the wrong IT company, purely to avoid any toing and froing during the changeover process, which ends up in downtime, lost revenue and unhappy customers.

When you make the move to totality services, you’ll realise that in fact, switching providers couldn’t be simpler. Our team of onboarding experts will provide you with clear, concise updates and personally manage the transition throughout its various phases. It’s in our interest to make the whole procedure has hassle-free as possible – you’ll barely notice a thing!

The right Managed Service Provider for when technology goes wrong

When your network malfunctions, and one or more of your staff can’t work, that means you’re losing money. There is nothing more important to us than the integrity and efficiency of the networks that we manage. When things go wrong – and let’s face it, IT does go wrong from time to time – that’s when we shine.

It’s not just the bread-and-butter problems that we’re good at. Our staff are trained to understand the nuances of what every business deems an emergency, whether that’s a finance printer being down, or a full-scale Internet outage. With support services like ours, you won’t be caught out.

An IT Service Provider to suit your budget

Managed service providers make financial sense for most small and medium-sized businesses. The advantage of using managed service providers is that they offer managed services for a fixed price. Most providers, in particular, a leading IT service provider like totality services, have highly skilled professionals working for them. For a support service that works for you, choose one of our service level agreements that best fits your business.

Fully Managed IT Services for all sectors

Clients from niche sectors often approach us wondering if we have any knowledge of their industry. We can almost always say yes. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in – totality services are ready to provide solutions.

We provided managed services to clients in a huge array of industries across London, not limited to:

IT Support Services you can count on

We’ve built up a knowledge base for over a decade, detailing the unique IT requirements of each specific industry, in terms of how it uses hardware and data, what software issues it faces, what the regulatory framework is and what’s on the horizon.

If your IT is below par and you think managed services will help your business, why not give us a call? IT managed services make sense for most businesses. Instead of expecting your employees to deal with IT problems when most of the time, they aren’t qualified, take advantage of a managed services agreement with totality services. We are a managed IT service provider you can rely on, whatever the scope of your business. In the event of a problem, we are here to help. But not only that – we can assist with everyday functions, like sourcing new software and hardware, or streamlining your business workflows.

Call us today for a chat about how best managed services can make a difference to your London business. We can guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the results.