IT Support for the Pharmaceutical Sector in London

IT Support for the Pharmaceutical Sector

Keeping London’s Pharmaceutical Sector Online

Our IT support solutions keep your systems optimised and secure. Our friendly team of experts based in London has years of experience in providing small to medium sized businesses with an unrivalled IT support service – with rapid response times and proven IT solutions right around the clock.

IT Security is be a prime concern for businesses. We take pride in knowing that our clients sleep better knowing that their critical data is always safe and protected with us. By preventing most issues before they arise, we are not only mitigating the risk of downtime but we’re also ensuring higher productivity for you and your employees.

End-to-end IT services for the pharmaceutical sector

  • 24/7 support
    An ISO 9001 certified, ‘always on’ team of friendly IT professionals who have the tools and expertise to resolve any issues that come their way. Our helpdesk staff are trained to provide fast, accurate information on every client request
  • VOIP/Broadband
    Integrated IP telephony and broadband systems that are cost-effective, reliable, and fully equipped to cater for the needs of the modern, data-driven pharmaceutical sector
  • Project installations
    Whether it’s a few additional workstations or a complete network overhaul involving brand new servers/infrastructure, we have the skills and staffing levels to cater for any request with a flawless, end-to-end consultation service and short lead times
  • IT security
    No IT network is complete without blanket coverage for all devices, endpoints, and data stores. We’ll work with you to draft a comprehensive IT security plan and ensure compliance via rigorous internal policies and staff training
  • Cloud services
    We’re experts in transitioning pharmaceutical business processes to Azure/AWS, whatever their requirements are – be it a simple Azure Virtual Desktop deployment, or an in-depth migration of a database server from an on-premise solution to a hosted platform
  • Hardware procurement
    We have access to all the major manufacturing brands. We’ll consult with you on what specifications are right for your business. We offer a broad range of payment options, including leasing.
  • Data cabling
    Our ISO 9001 cabling partners have the tools and competency to facilitate a wide variety of cabling solutions, from simple internal patching to fibre links between sites and external trunking.
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With unlimited 24/7 IT support, you can reach our UK-based team whenever you need.

IT security in the pharmaceutical sector

  • HDD encryption
    Data security is the number one consideration for London’s pharmaceutical companies. Our range of encryption tools will ensure that your IP is protected 24/7 in the event of lost devices or malicious external activity.
  • Mimecast
    The majority of modern computer viruses are propagated via email. We work in close partnership with Mimecast – the leading provider of email security solutions in the world – to ensure that intrusions are stopped at source, by quarantining harmful files and preventing your staff from being duped into clicking malicious links.
  • Managed Endpoint protection
    Your company’s devices and physical assets (laptops, desktops, mobile devices etc.) often represent the first and last line of defence in the fight against cybercrime. We’ll manage the rollout and maintenance of a bespoke antivirus service that leaves no stone unturned, is easy to manage and ensures you’re compliant with all major governmental and MHRA standards.
  • Bespoke IT security training for the Pharma sector
    Pharmaceutical companies face a unique set of challenges, when it comes to protecting their own and their clients’ data. The Pharma sector deals with highly sensitive personal medical information that is a prime target for cyber criminals looking to extort money from unsuspecting and under-prepared IT networks. We’ll draft a comprehensive IT security plan that ticks all the requisite boxes and provides your staff with the latest information in the fight against ransomware and digital theft.

IP protection

IP theft is broken down into 4 main legal categories. We’ll consult with you to ensure that each one is given ample consideration in your bespoke IT security plan:

  1. Patents – The legal right to manufacture unique goods
  2. Copyrights – Written expressions of goods/services
  3. Trademarks – Names, phrases and/or symbols used to define products
  4. Trade Secrets – Formulas, patterns, devices, and data that are unique to your business

MHRA/HIPPA standards

We understand MHRA/HIPPA regulatory standards are at the heart of everything you do. IT services for the pharmaceutical sector should put these standards front and centre of the entire support operation.

We provide bespoke solutions that are tailored to your unique set of requirements and ensure that you remain compliant with everything that’s asked of you.

We provide compliance and support services for all the following pharmaceutical business functions:

  1. Medical devices and standalone software, including apps and IVDMDs
  2. Device determination flows
  3. Accessories
  4. In vitro diagnostics
  5. Data storage and access levels
  6. Medical database security
  7. Audits, including post-audit remedial work
  8. International clinical trials, spread out across multiple physical locations

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