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These days every kind of business – from SOHOs and start-ups to SMBs and large corporations – is heavily reliant on information and mobile technology to manage its operations.

The technologies we count on are becoming ever more complex and integrated as enterprises fully embrace their digital transformation journey. So, your IT infrastructure, from software, networking and storage to cloud, applications, peripherals and devices such as laptops, need professional monitoring, management and support to simply remain available and secure, let alone fully effective, efficient and productive.

So what are your solutions to potential IT problems

You could hire an in-house expert and experienced IT team to care for your technology? But, with people usually being an organisation’s most expensive overhead, this is usually seen as prohibitively costly.

What about outsourcing your IT support to a third-party on an ad-hoc basis? You simply call upon their capabilities when you have an IT problem – what’s known as the ‘break/fix’ model. Trouble is, this can result in patchy, unreliable service and the kind of unpredictable costs that make budgeting and planning difficult.

So how about the third and increasingly popular option: Managed IT Services? It’s estimated that two-thirds of businesses have a Managed Services Provider (MSP) for their IT support and, according to leading B2B research company Marketsand Markets, the industry is expected to grow from around $150 billion in 2017 to be worth some $258bn globally by 2022.

So in this blog post we take a closer look at Managed IT Services and the benefits they could deliver for your business.

What are Managed IT Services

The benefits of Managed IT Services

The flexibility of Managed IT Services

Selecting your MSP

What are Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services are all about outsourcing the proactive and day-to-day running of your IT infrastructure to a suitably capable and certified MSP to maximise your IT’s operational effectiveness and minimise the expenses associated with it.

Under this subscription model, you pay a fixed amount each month then you and your MSP agree and are bound by a contractual, service-level agreement (SLA) that stipulates what’s covered and the performance and quality metrics of the relationship.


The benefits of Managed IT Services

  • Focus

Managed IT Services enable you to concentrate on your business and all the important tasks that entails, rather than worrying about the state of your IT.

This is especially useful if you tend to lag behind when it comes to updates, back-ups and all those other regular IT requirements that tend to get overlooked in busy businesses.

  • Security

IT infrastructures that don’t have the latest security and protection tools in place are loved by cybercriminals!

Hacking, phishing, ransomware and Trojan Horses are a clear and present danger to your business but MSPs will usually perform data security checks to detect threats and prevent theft and intrusion.

An MSP can also ensure your company is complying with all the latest regulations and protocols, especially around issues such as the protection of sensitive information, for example.

  • Cost

Managed IT Services are generally less expensive than the alternatives, such as employing in-house expertise or the break/fix model. Especially, when you factor in the cost of operational downtime and delay should any part of your IT infrastructure fail.

  • Predictability

A key advantage of paying a subscription to an MSP is the fact that you know exactly how much the service costs each month. That makes your financial planning and budgeting much easier and more accurate.

  • Expertise

Managed IT Services gives you access to the specialist skills and knowledge of your MSP’s fully trained and certified technicians; they’ll bring capabilities you and your team probably lack.

This kind of support can be a real driver of growth, as your IT infrastructure is always working at its best, your people can utilise it with confidence and you’re able to focus on your business.

  • Up-time

If your IT goes down, will your business go with it? Probably not. But the high and consistent levels of IT availability a capable MSP can deliver will be a real boost to your company’s competitiveness, productivity and profitability.

  • Leading-edge

MSPs generally use the best and latest technology on the market and keep the software your business uses regularly updated, so you’re always benefiting from the most advanced resources.

  • Confidence

IT issues are a major headache, especially for non-techies.

So just knowing that your IT infrastructure is constantly being monitored and maintained behind the scenes – and you have easy access to fast, effective fixing – provides invaluable peace of mind for you and a great morale booster for your team.

Flexibility as standard

One of the key benefits of Managed IT Services is their flexibility. You can opt for a standard MSP package, chose a complete end-to-end solution or simply cherry-pick the support capabilities you need. All these options can evolve as your business does.

Not all MSPs are the same or offer the same services, but most

commonly include:

  • Setting up and monitoring your network, then alerting you to any issues
  • Acting as your IT help desk, answering questions and processing IT support tasks
  • Installing and managing cyber-security to protect your network –including mobile device access – from breaches
  • Managing your cloud infrastructure
  • Performing data backups so your business-crucial information is kept safe
  • Ensuring compliance with data regulations, especially around sensitive information
  • Undertaking data analytics so you gain useful insights about your business, clients and customers
  • Unifying your business’ communication channels by merging them onto the same IP network
  • Providing SaaS (software as a service) by enabling you to use software applications that it owns and hosts.

How to select your MSP

Your business needs a smooth-running IT infrastructure to survive and thrive in today’s fiercely competitive markets, so you’ll also need a quality, reliable and capable MSP partner to deliver it.

Start by creating a shortlist of local possible providers then check out the genuine and independent reviews they’ve achieved on sites like Feefo, Trustpilot and Google.

But why bother? Here at Totality Services, we’ve already achieved a Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award and have Five Star ratings from both Trustpilot and Google.

So, for more information about Managed IT Services, why not call the team that delivers unrivalled IT support for London, Totality Services.



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