The Emergence of 5G

Emergence of 5G

The Emergence of 5G

Expected to go where 4G cannot, 5G can spawn the next generation of smart devices and newer applications. Faster, better and bigger are some words that defined 4G, while ultra-high capacity, ultra-fast and ultra-reliability will define 5G.

The growing data requirements in the U.K. will be seamlessly met by 5G but will require professional IT support London services to manage the technological challenges.

Record breaking speeds

Trials carried out in Florida by Ericsson, Verizon and Qualcomm have already yielded a breathtaking speed of 953 mb per second. 4G LTE Advanced delivers anywehere between 30 to 50 mpbs and goes up to a maximum of 150 mbps. In theory 5G can be ten to hundred times faster than 4G and can average a speed of 450 mbps. According to OfCom, the real world 5G would deliver between 10 and 50 Gbps.

5G is expected to not be limited to mobile data transmission but will feed bandwidth hungry devices and applications. More than five billion people across the globe use a mobile phone and almost half of the world uses internet. According to GSMA, more than a billion 5G devices will exist by 2025 forming 12% of the total mobile connections.

More networked devices

5G will also result in phenomenal rise in usage of internet data. The internet data used across the world now is more than seven billion gigabytes in a month. In the U.K., close to 90% of the population use the internet. Experts predict a rise in the number of networked devices per capita to 3.5 by 2025 as compared to the current 2.3. The number of networked devices will reach 27.1 billion by 2021 compared to 17 billion networked devices in 2016.

Rise in VR and AR

Experts predict a twenty fold increase in the use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (VR) by 2021. With AR and VR being the future of the digital era, mobile phones are expected to transform into AR or VR devices as well. The 5G speeds will meet the increased bandwidth and reduced latency for these devices. Experts believe a speed between 300 Mb/s and 600 Mb/s is required to provide a high quality VR and AR experience which can only be achieved by 5G.

With the growth in AR, VR, ultra HD and other applications, live video streaming in social media is also expected to go up phenomenally.

Having a single network that can effectively support IoT devices and provide data to mobiles can be a boon to corporates as can enable more control.

Connecting internet of things is a major application of 5G. Demonstrations are focusing on how 5G can help doctors carry out skilled surgical procedures or monitor pregnancy remotely. Entrusting professional IT support London services to support such uses will give the best experience of 5G.

Economic benefits

According to Qualcomm, the real economic benefits of 5G will be realized by 2035. More than $12.3 trillion 5G enabled goods and services would be produced by 2035, according to the study.
E –commerce and other businesses managed by professional IT support London services will benefit hugely from 5G. The 5G technology by would bring in a revenue of $3.5 trillion and provide 22 million employment opportunities.

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