Microsoft Teams; 10 new features for your meetings and webinars

Microsoft Teams

This year the way we work has changed. With millions of active users, Microsoft Teams is where professionals start their day and stay in the flow of work. Microsoft have recently announced all the latest updates on Teams.

Read on and discover how to level up your meetings and webinars with Microsoft’s 10 new features.

Microsoft Teams updates!

Meeting and Webinars:

You can now view an attendance dashboard after your meeting/ webinar. This report will show you who registered vs who attended as well as where the attendees engaged. You can find this feature in the ‘Attendance tab’ in your ‘Meeting Details.’

MS Teams attendance dashboard

Do you have a Dynamics 365 Marketing License? If you do, you can now export your attendees’ data into Dynamics 365 Marketing to follow up with webinar participants. This information can be used to create customer journeys and personalised follow-up emails.

  • Lower all raised hands by navigating to the participant panel and clicking on the ‘lower all hands’ option.
  • Spotlight up to 7 participants simultaneously during meetings.
  • Chats sent during meetings now appear on the screen by default, so you no longer have to click on them to see the messages.
  • Virtual laser pointers and ink annotations are now available in PowerPoint Live.
  • Teams mobile users can now swipe through all the participants in a meeting, with up 10 participants per page.
  • Include audio when sharing on iOS and Android devices during a Teams meeting. You can find this setting under more actions ‘share screen with audio.’
  • Live transcription is available so you can follow and review conversations alongside the meeting video or audio in real time. For example, attendees who were late or missed a meeting can simply catch up by reading what was discussed and searching the transcript by speaker.
  • The large gallery feature is now available for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI.) Users can expand their gallery, viewing up to 49 participants on the same screen during a meeting.

Calling and Devices:

  • 1:1 Call recording has been enabled so administrators can now delineate recording configurations between meetings and callings.
  • Intelligent speakers have been designed for Teams Rooms and use Microsoft’s voice recognition to identify who is speaking and apply their name to the meeting transcript feature.
  • There is a now a ‘Better Together Mode’ which allows uses to pair their PC with their Teams phone or display allowing for audio and video to be streamed on their Teams device and content to be viewed on their PC.

Chat & Collaboration:

  • New templates provide a repeatable structure for common approvals such as filing out expense reports or requesting overtimes. These templates can be utilised to customise or create new templates for their organisations and teams to use.
  • Select files you need access to offline and Teams will keep a downloaded version to use in your mobile app.
  • Create tasks right from any Microsoft Teams chat or channel conversation.
  • When you paste a SharePoint news article of page link in a Team chat, it automatically converts into a rich display card highlighting page titles, thumbnail image, author and publish date.
  • Admins can customise the branding for the Yammer Communities app for Microsoft Teams to suit their preferred app logos etc.
  • You can choose to deliver Microsoft Teams notifications via Teams built-in notifications or via macOS native notifications.


  • View the security, compliance, and data privacy details for apps coming from Microsoft Cloud App Security.
  • IT Admins can identify device issues by triggering notifications on device problem and device health check status which can be turned into an immediate correction action.

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