Remote IT Support for businesses

As the threat from the Covid-19 pandemic recedes and London gradually moves back toward some kind of normality, the efficient, effective and available technology that delivers business continuity will play a key role in the recovery and success of your enterprise. For your IT infrastructure to deliver maximum performance with the minimum hassle and cost, you need exemplary remote IT support for your enterprise.

That’s why this article is focused on the many business benefits offered by managed IT services and consultancy providers.

Remote IT Services: What we learned from the lockdown

The lockdown showed us how business continuity in London has never been so reliant on technology. Millions of us have been able to successfully work remotely because of it. What’s more, highly capable remote IT support professionals made that transition possible.

Lockdown also bought out the online scammers and cybercriminals in droves, keen to exploit the new vulnerabilities presented by remote working. So in this post we’ll also explain how a remote IT services partner can help keep your technology up, running and optimised while keeping it safe and secure.

How remote IT support works

A managed remote IT support service is where you put the day-to-day running of your technology in the hands of a suitably expert, experienced, qualified and certified third-party managed services provider (often referred to as an MSP). You then trust them to optimise your IT’s operational effectiveness, affordability and value add. You and your MSP simply agree and are bound by a service level agreement (SLA) contract which stipulates what’s covered, the performance and quality metrics of the partnership and the fixed monthly cost for the subscription you’ve taken out.

Depending on your agreement, your remote IT support is usually provided 24/7/365 by a help-desk team via telephone, email or live chat, with highly trained technicians gaining remote – or on-site – access to your technology as and when needed.

With software applications – especially those based in the Cloud – being at the heart of today’s small to medium-sized business IT infrastructures, research has shown that over 90% of problems can be solved remotely because a technical support professional can usually see and access the screen you’re seeing.

•Installation, configure, set-up and support for your hardware, peripherals, operating systems and software applications, including updates as part of a regular maintenance schedule,

•Cloud provision and support – whether it’s public, private or hybrid – covering essentials such as cybersecurity protection as well as data safety and backup,

•Incident-based responses and reporting with proactive and fast issue resolution,

•Monitoring everything from your network and server to your website and overall performance to spot and prevent potential issues and security breaches,

Managed services that provide a wide range of consultancy style deliverables, from cybersecurity and Cloud computing to migrations and equipment procurement,

•Product-related support, advice and guidance from specification and recommendation to procurement.

The business benefits of remote IT support

For the small to medium-sized business there’s no upside to downtime, especially in London’s tricky post-Coronavirus environment. But with over 90% of IT problems being solved remotely and rapidly, speed is just the first of the business benefits remote IT support delivers.

Fast fixes

Remote support means a rapid response and reduced times to resolution, so there are no bottlenecks or money and time wasting.

Cost efficiency

Outsourced IT support means you don’t have the usual costs of employing in-house technical staff – good news for businesses based in London where overheads are already high enough.

Productivity and profitability

Whether your team is working from home, or working remotely, maximising the availability, cyber security, efficiency and effectiveness of your IT empowers your people to stay productive, focused and profitable during this time.

Ease of use, peace of mind

One call, e-mail or web chat gets your IT fault fixed. If dealt with remotely (and over 90% of tech issues are!) and rapidly, you’re soon back to work.

Unlimited talent

Outsourcing gives you access to a team of talented technical professionals with a wide range of skills. So no matter how specialist your problem, you’ll get a solution from a specialist.

Monitoring and more

Knowing that your IT infrastructure is being constantly monitored to identify and prevent issues becoming problems, gives you complete confidence and peace of mind.

How security and compliance are boosted by remote IT support

A managed and remote IT support provider can help you to deploy the latest security measures (especially via Cloud solutions) so risks are mitigated and your infrastructure, network, data, IP and confidential information all remain safe and compliant.

Moreover, they’ll help you develop and implement an effective security policy with clear protocols based on best-fit and best-in-class practices and technologies, including implementing those tiresome updates and patches, such as:

•Virtual private networks (VPNs)

•Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

•Web application firewalls

•Network monitoring for both office-based and remote workers

•Fraud analytics

•Anti-distributed denial of service technologies

•Enforcing software updates on all devices used to access your network

•Employee awareness training to ensure all security protocols are clear and threats are identified and stopped before human error causes issues

Where to go for more help

Discretion and integrity are at the heart of all your remote IT support provider does for you. Trust is integral to your partnership with them. Here at totality services, we’re one of London’s most trusted go to remote IT support service providers, with two consecutive Feefo Gold Trusted Service Awards, Five Star ratings from both Trustpilot and Google and a 98% client retention rate. So for a friendly, confidential and no obligation discussion about the benefits of remote IT support please just call us.