Microsoft Dynamics 365: How to unlock the potential

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365, formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, has a lot to offer to businesses in a wide range of industries. It offers a package of useful business applications for both managing customer relations and optimising your operations.

As it is cloud-based, it can be accessed from anywhere, by whoever is authorised. Its variety of applications also creates a great degree of flexibility and utility as they are all connected to one another. Plus, its built-in automation and insights features can help your teams make smarter decisions, thus boosting productivity and efficiency.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

At its minimum, this CRM can offer you valuable data and analytics to support your staff anywhere from communications to operations. And where there may be multiple overwhelming responsibilities, Dynamics 365 can take over time-consuming admin.

Dynamics 365 comes with a range of apps relevant for many business sectors and departments, such as:

  • Dynamics 365 Sales
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service
  • Dynamics 365 Marketing
  • Dynamics 365 Field Service
  • Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations
  • Dynamics 365 Project Operations
  • Dynamics 365 Human Resources
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

So, whether you’re running a small or large business, there are many ways Microsoft Dynamics 365 can assist.

It starts with data

Data is the key to growth in any business. Most significantly, it can help to track performance and identify success points in sales, marketing, and other areas. Subsequently, this can help your organisation make wiser decisions and ensure steady progress.

However, managing data, as well as sharing it and protecting it can be a challenge. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can keep important data in one convenient place through the cloud. This offers a better alternative to using multiple systems to store different sets of data. And your employees will be able to access that information from wherever they are, further benefitting hybrid and remote working teams.

The easy-to-use interface is quick for staff to learn, and makes it effective to connect, communicate, and collaborate with one another. Moreover, the centralised data location means that there’s no added confusion about access, no matter what department you work in.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 will also ensure your business’s information is protected at all times. As your data from multiple Microsoft apps is kept in one place, it will be both securely stored and easily found. And the admin centre feature functions for additional support in accessing and managing your data storage solutions.

Save time and boost efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics 365

You can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 to set, track, and manage workflows and processes throughout your organisation so nothing is left incomplete. This way your employees are always aware of their tasks and projects to ensure they can align with goals.

You can even automate workflows to increase efficiency. For example, Dynamics 365 can gather data from documents and summarise it, so you don’t have to. Once collected, that information will provide employees with key guidance, so they can work more efficiently. In the long run your staff can then save time when working on important projects or solving complex problems.

Overall, Dynamics 365 will help push your business to the next level by supporting your workforce at every step of any project, no matter how large or small. By giving your employees new tools, you can drive them to meet the goals you’ve set and succeed beyond.

Make smarter business decisions

What good is having data if you can’t use it to make better decisions for your company? Or if you simply struggle to access key insights, Dynamics 365 can organise them for you. As a result, your workforce will be able to effortlessly access essential data, share crucial information to complete projects, and make quicker decisions.

Additionally, no time will be wasted on retrieving data which your staff will now be able to clearly comprehend. Its features then create valuable insights from the information that is collected.

Another thing to consider is how quickly things can change. Being able to stay on top of the latest data can greatly affect your business. Dynamics 365 comes in handy here, as it makes it possible to access reports right away. Keep an eye on your business’ performance and your customers’ needs so you can create adjustments to maintain progress without struggling to find and analyse critical data.

Thanks to Microsoft Power BI, which can visualise data for you, your team will be able to view and map out long-term trends. For example, they might flag that a particular marketing campaign wasn’t as successful as they’d hoped it would be. Or they might notice a change in customer behaviour over time. Using this information, they’ll be able to make better choices on how to move forward. These insights and visuals can suggest actionable change to improve performance, reduce costs, and reach any other goals in your organisation.

Improve sales and keep customers happy

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can simplify various tasks within your organisation, spanning through various departments, from finance to human resources. It’s also a great tool for your sales, customer service, and marketing departments, in particular.

As mentioned, multiple teams throughout your organisation will be able to access important data and make decisions based on that information. This improves communication between staff and makes it possible for everyone to work toward the same goal with greater ease.

Let’s say that a sales team was working on contacting potential new clients. All the data can and will be found in Dynamics 365. This could include clients’ contact details, their level of interest in your products or services, where they are in the customer journey, and who last touched base with them. If it’s decided that another team will pursue those clients, they’ll be able to do so immediately without having to spend extra time gathering the information. They will be able to instantly connect with these prospective clients and know what to say to ensure they get their preferred outcome.

With the help of Dynamics 365 tools, you can drastically improve your steps of customer service. It organisational features allow you to address every individual’s questions or concerns promptly and correctly. Plus, you can keep your communications with customers in one place, whether you spoke with them via email or a phone call. If all your customer support employees can see previous interactions, they’ll know how to help a particular customer. This means your team will have what they need to keep customers happy and keep your sales climbing.

Are you ready to give Microsoft Dynamics a try?

There’s almost an unlimited number of tools with Dynamics 365, and you don’t even need the entire suite of applications to take advantage of everything that it has to offer. At totality services, our expert consultants can tell you more about how you can use the platform to enhance the way you work. They will even walk you through everything so you can choose the applications you prefer to start with.

Microsoft Dynamics for your business

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