Microsoft Dynamics 365: How to get what you need from the platform

Here’s what you need to know about Microsoft Dynamics 365 and how we can help you make the most of it

Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultancy

Make your life a whole lot easier

Digital transformation is on your doorstep. It’s critical to running a smooth, secure operation and can help take a load off your mind so you can focus on the stuff that really needs your attention. Like growing your business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (you may have heard it called Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the past) is a powerful platform to help you manage every aspect of your business. And we’re here to help with consultancy and integrations to make sure you get the most out of it.

What does Microsoft Dynamics 365 actually do?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes a number of interconnected applications that help you to streamline the running of your business. These apps include:

Consider it an all-in-one, cloud-based CRM, helping you to manage internal business affairs as well as the full prospect-to-customer pipeline.

The real benefits of Microsoft 365 Dynamics

Sales pipeline visibility

Access to and visibility of your full prospect-to-customer pipeline in one place.

Improve conversion rates

Personalise recommendations for your customers, ensure continuity between communications, and access behavioural trends.

Increase customer retention

Seamless processes and access to all previous communication keeps customer success running smoothly.

Familiarity & consistency

Having a suite of apps that talk to each other makes life easier and work more efficient for your employees.

Speed everything up

Easier to use and access means that you’re cutting a lot of admin fluff. Plus transparency makes everyone’s life a whole lot easier.

Add more to the suite

A whole host of market-leading add-ons and third-party software can be integrated with Dynamics 365, to make the transition easier and customise your experience.

Do I need the full suite?

Not necessarily, no. Our Dynamics 365 consultants will work with you to establish what your business needs. The licensing options are flexible so you only pay for the features you really need. Scale up or down as and when you need to keep everything within budget.

Ready to get exactly what you need out of Microsoft Dynamics 365?