Microsoft 365 Sharepoint Training in London

Microsoft 365 SharePoint Training

Microsoft 365 SharePoint – an overview

As the name suggests, Microsoft 365 SharePoint gives your team a mobile, intelligent Intranet to share and manage the content (from data and files to news and other resources), knowledge and applications that empower teamwork. Our SharePoint training London can ensure you project teams, departments, divisions or whole organisation can benefit from quick, simple, seamless and customisable collaboration.

SharePoint is secure, works in PC and Mac environments and enables you to build engaged, cohesive, efficient and transformative teams that are just a click away from all they need.

SharePoint drives the knowledge that accelerates productivity, enabling you to:

  • Reduce administration
  • Boost reliability and performance
  • Protect communication and information
  • Empower your people while helping them to achieve greater business mobility
  • Cut costs with a flexible and scalable collaboration platform
  • Better manage risk by safeguarding information
  • Increase productivity through cost-effective and efficient management

Maximise the potential with Microsoft 365 SharePoint training in London

If you’re using Microsoft 365, you’ll have probably heard of the various applications that can integrate with it and the features it offers, so you can imagine the potential of SharePoint and the possibility that it can help you and your team to reduce wasted money, effort, confusion and inconvenience.

Just some of the many features Microsoft 365 SharePoint provides, include:

  • Versioning
  • Custom metadata
  • Audience targeting
  • Content types
  • Labels (security)
  • Sharing
  • Workflows
  • Alerts

Why SharePoint training is important for your business

If you don’t optimise e potential and possibility mentioned above, by providing your team with the right training in the platform, you’ll end up feeling that you’re paying money for lots of bells and whistles that aren’t utilised effectively and, therefore, your operation won’t benefit from the return on investment your business deserves.

It’s not sufficient to migrate to the platform, put it in front of your users, ask them to ‘get on with it’ and hope for the best. The right training empowers your people to work fully, comfortably and efficiently in SharePoint to maximise its power and minimise the time it takes them to do so.

That’s why a full understanding of SharePoint is not only essential for successful adoption by your users, it’s critical for your company and its competitiveness.
Bespoke Remote or Onsite Training for Microsoft 365 SharePoint

During our practical training your delegates will learn how to:

  • Collaborate effectively with your team using SharePoint sites
  • Share and manage documents, images and other file types
  • Communicate with your team using blogs, wikis, and announcements
  • Apply branding to your site and edit its welcome page
  • Manage security and permissions for your site’s users

Being trained by our experienced SharePoint Specialists means your team will benefit from learning in an interesting, informative and enjoyable way; one that will deliver an immediate and positive impact back in their workplaces.

Ultimately, our comprehensive SharePoint training London will put your people at ease with the platform, empower them to make it part of their daily routine so they optimise their time and talents, while enabling you to see your subscription was worth every penny of your investment in it.

Let our training deliver a difference for your business

Please call us for informal, confidential and no obligation chat about your Microsoft 365 training needs. You’ll soon find out why we’ve achieved the Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award, Five Star ratings on Google and have a 98% client retention rate amongst our London-based clients.

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Microsoft 365 SharePoint Training

Microsoft 365 SharePoint Training

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