G Suite Rebranding to Google Workspace

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Google Workspace is the new name for G Suite, Google’s set of online business productivity and collaboration tools including Gmail, Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Meet. Google is currently in the process of rebranding the service, with a new name and new logos for all the included productivity apps that are currently used by over six million businesses around the world.

Google’s VP, Javier Soltero, said that the rebrand was a decision made by the company in order to ensure that the service people use is the same thing that they purchase. The new name ‘Google Workplace’ was chosen as a name to improve the brand association with Google, something that Soltero said was really important to the company since the services are flagship products for Google. He added that the company wants Workspace to be seen by customers as a product that brings all the tools they need to get the job done together.

New Google Workspace Features:

Google has also announced the launch of new features for Google Workspace. These include the Meet, Rooms, and Chat integrations that Google announced in summer 2020. Now, Google is planning to integrate all these collaboration tools across applications, with Gmail acting as the one service where they will all come together.

The ability to create and collaborate on documents with guests in chat rooms are additional features of Google Workspace. Users can also now preview linked files in Sheets, Docs, and Slides without the need to open them in a separate tab. You can now also @ another user in a document to reveal a smart chip, which shows contact details for the user that is tagged and suggests various actions that you may wish to take such as starting a chat or video call or sending them an email.

The picture-in-picture mode feature that allows you to have Google Meet video calls using Gmail and Chat is now in the process of being rolled out to Docs, Sheets, and Slides, allowing for easier group collaboration on documents.

More on Google Workspace (G Suite):

Google Workspace is a cloud-based business platform. It gives businesses and employees the flexibility to work anywhere, using any device. Google licencing is a simple process, but if you need Google Workspace consultancy in London, our IT support team at totality services can offer assistance with choosing the right plan for your business needs.

Plans include:

Google Workspace Basic:

Business Email: Gmail has millions of users and is very popular. Google Workspace includes a business email system that includes using your company’s business domain and allowing for up to fifty aliases.

Secure Cloud Storage: Google Workspace allows you to store all company data in a central location and access files from any device. The basic package comes with 30GB of cloud storage per account, plus it lets you create and share documents and folders with other users.

Integrated Online Calendar: Manage business calendars and appointments using smart scheduling and easily integrate with video calls and conferences.

Business Office Suite: This includes an integrated suite of cloud-native, secure apps designed for creating and editing spreadsheets, documents, forms, sites, and presentations.

Video Conferences and Web Chat: Google Meet offers a range of webchat and video conferencing features, including easy-to-join video conferences and calls and easy link embedding into scheduled meetings or calendar events.

Google Workspace Business:

There’s variety of features that Google Workplace Business Offers:

Unlimited Secure Cloud Storage: Store your business data in a central, cloud-based location allowing you to access documents and files from any device. With Google Workspace Business, you can enjoy unlimited storage for all users, or 1TB of storage per user if your company uses less than five Workspace accounts.

App Development: Take advantage of App maker, a low-coding app development tool designed to help your organisation create custom applications.

IT Tools: Get access to a range of IT tools such as Cloud search, E-discovery, and a suite of administration and security tools designed for audit reporting, retention, archiving, and more.

Google Workplace Enterprise:

The Google Workplace Enterprise plan offers all the features of the Basic and Business plan along with further advanced features for your business. These include:

  • Log analysis in BigQuery
  • Advanced data loss prevention
  • High-grade email encryption
  • Enterprise-grade access control

How We Can Help:

We at totality services IT Support are Google Workspace partners. We offer unrivalled IT Support in London from a team of certified staff who provide a range of Google Workspace support services for businesses in the area. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Google Workspace setup and onboarding
  • Employee training
  • Data backup
  • Email and data migration
  • Consultancy
  • Google Workspace health checks
  • Fully managed Google Workspace services

We are also a Google Workspace reseller providing licensing resale services that allow businesses to take advantage of discounted licenses while retaining admin console access and the ability to provide support to employees with their Gmail and Google Drive accounts.

Finally, totality services IT Support offers premium, personalised Google Workplace support that can be utilised alongside our IT Support London services to ensure full, comprehensive IT coverage, and expert support for your business. We also offer complete Google Workspace backup services to provide additional assurance of all business data; all data is backed up into our fully monitored, cloud backup platform.

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