6 Important Steps to Set up Your IT Support Business

IT Support Business

Commonly, UK businesses today lack the required in-house IT expertise to keep themselves running. This switch guarantees organisations the benefit of lower IT costs, with all the amenities of a dedicated team. Therefore, despite the ability of a large enterprise to fund its own IT staff, companies of all shapes and sizes are choosing to outsource from IT support businesses.

This means the demand for reliable outsourced IT support is only on the rise. And now this has sparked many ambitious entrepreneurs to the prospect of setting up their own IT support businesses.

So, if you’re a driven techy interested in starting your own IT support business, follow along to learn the 6 steps for success.

Key considerations before you start your IT support business

Tech background

If you are planning to establish an IT support business, then you’ll undoubtedly have a strong background in tech. This will give you a running start on the technical side, when gaining in-depth knowledge about this specific industry.


Every business requires IT support at some time or another. So, from the outset build strong relationships with IT professionals, vendors, and other entrepreneurs in the sector.

Market research

Conducting thorough market research is key to understanding the demand for your specific services and establishing a target audience. You can also use this data to identify any gaps in the IT support market or in your area.

The 6 steps to setting up a successful IT support business

Stand out from the crowd
You must be prepared to win over your competitors to gain more customer visibility. To do so, you should focus on differentiating your IT support business from others.

As there is high competition in this specific sector, ensure you define your services clearly. An essential component is targeting a niche for the area you want to work in. Know about your speciality and try to focus on it more than anything else. Also, by clarifying the sectors of the businesses you serve you can rule out certain competitors.

Be aware of compliance

Whether you want to set up your agency or work as a freelancer, make sure you know your responsibilities. Make yourself aware of key regulations and compliance standards specific to the IT support sector, such as data protection laws.

Conduct thorough research online to know about the kind of insurance you will require for your business needs. This will protect your IT support business from suffering severe damages in the event of an accident.

Establish yourself to be the best

With high competition in almost every industry, it can be quite difficult for London IT support businesses. However, by being the sole service provider you would have to significantly cut down on your competitor’s prices. And, if you do this you may run the risk of devaluing your services. As a result, you will make either little or no money, and in the worst case cause a loss.

Therefore, to achieve success, you must establish yourself as the best in this industry. Inform your customers that you may not have the cheapest services, but you will give the best value for the price. So, if you want to see your customer base grow quickly, establish a good reputation in the market.

Build your own website

Create your own website and advertise your services to attract customers and get purchases. Ensure your interface is user-friendly as this will keep them enticed by your products or services. Incorporate key design features – like your logo – into the main landing pages to establish brand identity.

Try to keep things simple and follow the rules of building a great website. Make sure there is enough white space and maintain easy navigation to encourage more engagement. Keep everything straightforward for your customers so that they can easily find your services, and your IT support business will quickly attain success.

Great staff support

It is extremely important that you invest in the right staff to do the job. Not only is this important to ensure smooth running team operations, but it will impact your business’ customer service. Therefore, you must get the support of trustworthy staff from the beginning.

Conduct interviews of several candidates and evaluate their skills and suitability for the role. You may also want to perform background checks, so you are confident in hiring the right candidate. Assess any critical needs they may have and invest in ongoing training if necessary.

Market your business

After following these steps, you should begin marketing your business. Develop a strong marketing strategy and deliver campaigns to draw interest to your services. You may use online methods such as Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, social media marketing to increase engagement. Offline marketing could also include giving out flyers to business parks, magazine and print ads, and direct mail.

Once you’ve taken these factors into consideration and your IT support business leads the market, all your troubles will be worth it.

Learn from the IT experts

Jumping into the IT support start-up journey alone can be asking too much of yourself. So, make sure you’ve got a strong team to back you up and lessen the burden on your shoulders.

Fortunately, as award winning experts in the London IT support sector, we have some wisdom to impart. So, if you have any queries, or would like to learn more about our services please feel free to reach out to our team.