Why Businesses Should Outsource IT Support

Outsource IT support

Why Businesses Should Outsource IT Support

Outsourcing has been the preferred choice for businesses, especially when it comes to a sector such as IT. The trend picked up in the 1980s and is going strong today, with more than 60% of the IT and ITES industries functioning purely on the model of outsourcing.

A game changer

By outsourcing their IT support, businesses are experiencing benefits on multiple levels. Right from R&D to technical support, IT outsourcing has provided businesses a competitive edge. In fact, IT support outsourcing is so popular these days; it is expected to reach a CAGR of 6% by 2019.

It’s safe to say that outsourcing is the way to go. However, if you are still unsure about what to do, take a look at some of the reasons why other businesses are choosing outsourcing over an in-house IT support team:

Outsource IT Support

• Reduction in operating and capital costs
An in-house IT team incurs huge operating costs for the business. When you hire an in-house IT professional, you need to account for salaries, insurance and other financial and non-financial benefits.
IT outsourcing, on the other hand, eliminates these expenses. An employee who works on contract is not entitled to all these financial and non-financial benefits that must be mandatory be pay to a full-time employee.
Additionally, outsourcing IT support eliminates the need to purchase expensive hardware and software. Costs of technology maintenance are also reduced. It’s estimated that savings as high as 40% can be made by choosing IT outsourcing.

• Expert business IT services
IT outsourcing brings with it expertise, skills and capabilities that can’t be assured with in-house hiring at all times. IT outsourcing gives businesses the flexibility they need to hire experts from various IT domains. This benefit is missing in an in-house IT team, where there is limited talent and expertise.
Vendors have access to some of the most talented people. In fact, it’s been observed that some of the best IT support London services are a result of IT outsourcing.

• Frees up time and resources for other activities
Unless your business is a tech-based company or a company that offers managed IT support in London, chances are that IT is a support function for you and not a core function. In such cases, investing in in-house IT systems, data centers and people can be an expensive affair. Not only will this be a huge drain on company resources, but employees may spend more time setting up and maintaining technology, than focusing their time and energy on the company’s core business.
IT outsourcing saves businesses valuable organizational resources, which they can use on their core functions.

• Offers more operational flexibility
The major benefit of IT outsourcing is the quick availability of talent and technology. IT support outsourcing allows businesses to take up projects of varying levels of complexity with ease. Businesses can scale their projects without much thought, as technology procurement is not
In-house IT teams are limited by their rigidity to scale their operations quickly and easily. If in-house employees are expected to cope with sudden changes in project specifications, chances of employee burnout are quite high.

When you outsource IT support it reduces the strain and operational hassles significantly, by spreading out the workload across various vendors and workers.

• Ensures availability of state-of-the-art technology
Specialized IT support outsourcing agencies have access to the latest in IT technology. They also have access to the best in malware security, which can prove to be expensive for in-house IT teams to procure. IT outsourcing allows businesses to use the latest in IT technology for all their projects, at much lower costs.