Why you should be outsourcing IT in London

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Most small-to-medium businesses today can’t survive without a strong IT support team to handle their infrastructure. Whether you’re running a growing market stall, or a fast-paced firm, you’ll eventually need some tech input to help drive operations. And for many London-based businesses, managing your own IT is understandably too much of a burden. That’s where outsourcing your IT in London can offer greater value. With the reassurance of reliable expertise and constant support, outsourced IT streamlines your systems, allowing you to focus on business goals.

We’re past the days where you could rely on one application or device for solely accounting purposes. Necessary business technologies have multiplied, and not only for increased efficiency but in maintaining security and compliance. SMEs also struggle in a hugely disadvantaged position, often lacking the resources to sufficiently manage their IT. So, having the in-house capabilities to run, monitor, fix, audit, update your systems and more is an unrealistic expectation on SMEs.

Luckily, in the vastly connected capital, there are many choices for outsourcing IT services. Everything from setting up new hardware, to boosting network security, and even migrating entire workspace systems can be done by dedicated professionals at a fixed monthly cost.

The Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support in London

IT outsourcing in London is only on the rise, and it’s quite clear to see why. Business operations in all sectors are becoming ever more complex and technology dependent. Especially for SMEs with mounting responsibilities, outsourcing your IT support in London offers better value and assistance than ever.

So, here we cover the main advantages in opting for outsourced IT support, and how this decision can outweigh the alternative of handling support in-house.

Five reasons you should be outsourcing your IT in London

  • Financial – easier monitoring and budgeting of your IT costs.
  • Time – prevent staff from wasting time on tasks outside their scope of responsibility.
  • Expertise ­– streamline and grow your system with the latest technologies.
  • Security – professional protection for your data and digital operations.
  • Efficiency – everyone can focus on their own field of expertise, increasing productivity.

Let’s take a closer look at how businesses outsourcing their IT in London are benefiting in these key areas:

  1. Control the costs of IT

When you outsource IT support, you take control of what you spend. Additional expenses from emergency break/fix interventions will disappear. Opting for a Managed IT Services plan means a proactive approach to your system, agreed at a fixed budget. Your package is designed solely for your specific needs, meaning you won’t be paying for what you don’t need.

We can all agree that operating in London is expensive. Real estate prices, and therefore wages are higher than almost anywhere else in the country. So, the burden on London-based businesses to adjust their prices accordingly is vital. Cutting any avoidable costs is a must.

Switching to outsourced IT support in London is one of the ways to become more financially efficient.

Hiring expert engineers on an hourly rate soon adds up. What’s more, the financial and logistical situation you’ll find yourself in when you lose an IT staff member is stressful. Finding a replacement is costly and training them to do the job is time consuming. All in all, the expenses of fixing unforeseeable issues with limited staff is easily outweighed by outsourcing.

Instead, you can employ a dedicated team with a range of expertise, offering remote and on-site assistance for less. This gives your business a greater sense of reliability for IT management, reduces your internal responsibilities and provides better financial control.

  1. Saving time means saving money

It’s common knowledge that many businesses operate inefficiently as staff are tasked with tech issues outside of their role. Employees shouldn’t be freeing up valuable time trying to fix or understand their technology, and neither should you. Having tech skills training is important, but allowing staff to take on unrelated activities is counterproductive.

Everyone’s time is valuable in your organisation. So, expecting an existing member of your team to understand the complexities of your hardware, networks or problems on their time is unfair. Ultimately, the time they spend understanding the problem can affect their overall output.

Your staff should be driven to focus on what they know best. This means ensuring your business has the necessary IT support in place to understand your infrastructure. Businesses that have tried to manage IT services in-house have soon found it to be unreliable for end-to-end support.

  1. IT expertise means getting the best and getting ahead

Partnering with IT experts means that your business will benefit from the latest technologies. To boost their knowledge and improve your business’ operations, they are constantly identifying and learning new innovations to take on.

Essentially, a large aspect of IT support companies is researching new trends to stay ahead of the market. So, even before you team up with your chosen IT partner, they will already be an expert in the newest systems. This means your provider will leverage the capabilities of new trends to your business’ advantage, helping strengthen any vulnerabilities in your system. As a result, your business will be empowered to migrate to more efficient digital workspaces and install cutting-edge hardware, all with the support of experts.

Outsourcing your IT to a London provider means that you’ll also be kept up-to-date and aware of necessary updates. This applies not only to new technologies but instils a sense of reassurance that your provider is quick to act, without additional disruption to your schedule.

  1. Advanced digital security to prevent business grinding to a halt

Cybersecurity should be a significant consideration when outsourcing your IT in London. It would be a big mistake to take risks in such a specialist area and take on all the work yourself. Losing control of your system and its data would mean your entire business goes into serious downtime. And worse, you could lose clients and employees to competitors if they can’t trust you to protect them from leaks, hacks or losses.

Cyber threats, malware and viruses are only the beginning. The advanced tools and techniques your IT partner adopts will go far beyond anything your in-house staff can access. Furthermore, as a small business, it is unlikely that your in-house staff can implement and manage a vast security system. Outsourcing IT in London can promise a proactive approach to your cybersecurity, ensuring threats are mitigated and barriers are enforced for maximum protection.

Within your fixed-cost agreement, you will gain complex security systems and valuable protections, tailored to strengthen your operations. Whether it be data and file encryption, incident response, or real-time cyber threat monitoring, your outsourced specialists will offer you the best combination of services to enhance your security.

Simply, by outsourcing your IT to experts, you can rest assured that any risk is minimised, and your business, employees’ and clients’ data is secured.

  1. Improve productivity and business continuity

Outsourcing your IT to an array of experts guarantees your staff can be left to focus on their own priorities.

Regular monitoring and dedicated, proactive care come as a standard in IT support packages. This means any flagged concerns are immediately identified and resolved by a customer support team. By targeting issues immediately, any downtime your employees experience will be minimal, with little to no disruption to their daily work.

Your IT partner also removes much of the management and admin that comes with employing an in-house team. Your package will include the support of an Account Manager, Project Manager, and/or Customer Success Manager. These professionals are assigned to your business to help lessen the burden of transitioning to new IT, ease onboarding/offboarding of staff and ensure strong communication with your team.

Your IT partner will offer 24/7 support, meaning that you won’t experience any significant disruption to operations. Both remote fixes and physical intervention are included in your IT support package, helping maintain your business continuity. Future proofing and disaster planning can also be catered into your contract as needed. These services function proactively to keep your business moving in the event of an incident.

Unlimited Possibilities with Outsourcing IT Support in London

There are many more technical services we could list to illustrate the range of support an IT company in London can deliver. For further information, feel free to read through our website for examples of IT support solutions.

The point here is to tell you just how much you stand to gain by opting for outsourced IT services. And the difference is not just evident in your team, but how they apply their expertise to improve your business’ operations.

Continual monitoring, tech research and close engagement with your infrastructure is just the tip of the iceberg.  Your potential IT partnership effectively provides you with the operational efficiency and financial benefits which you cannot otherwise experience with an in-house team. Not to mention outsourcing in London means you’ll have experts who are always on-hand and close by.

To reiterate, risk will be reduced in many areas of your business – not merely security. Changes and updates in your technology will be strategic, minimising loss of data and disruption to your workday. Additionally, your resources will suffer less impact and long-term costs are reduced. Research will be fed through to your senior team, to drive industry-leading decisions and empowering you to implement innovative tools. IT compliance is fully covered, alongside tasks which require expertise or time outside of your business’ capabilities.

Outsource your IT from the best in London

So, on top of the time and money you’ll save, the enhanced efficiency, productivity, and peace of mind you’ll get is unparalleled. So why wait when you have practically unlimited choice of IT support companies in London?

In fact, there’s no need to delay on making the switch to outsourcing your business IT. Here at totality services, we cover everything from tailored IT support to consultancy and security services, focused on improving the employee experience. To learn more, or book your free consultation, reach out to our award-winning experts today!