The best cybersecurity companies in London

Best cybersecurity companies

As IT continues to revolutionise the way we do business in London; organisations of every size and sector undertake digital transformation; Cloud computing stores ever more corporate assets in cyberspace and post-Coronavirus remote working promises to be the new normal, data and its security is now mission critical. A report by the Economist in May 2017 reported that data, not oil, was now the world’s most valuable commodity.

But with data’s rise to dominance, rates of cybercrime have also increased exponentially. The 2019 Official Annual Cybercrime Report predicted that cyber criminals could be costing the world $6 trillion by 2021. No wonder so many tech companies have entered the lucrative $100 billion+ data protection market. As a trusted and leading managed service provider, our team guarantees the cybersecurity your business can rely on.

Who are the best cybersecurity companies and why it matters to your small enterprise

If you think your small to medium-sized business (SMB) has no data worth stealing or systems worth hacking, think again.

According to leading insurer, Hiscox, small businesses in the UK are the target of an estimated 65,000 attempted cyber attacks each day, with a hack being successful every 19 seconds. That’s why you should know who the best cybersecurity companies in London are, and how they can help to protect your IT infrastructure, data, intellectual property (IP), confidential customer information, compliance and reputation.

Best cybersecurity London – we cover all the bases

Cybersecurity is a broad term that includes many specialist solutions. These range from firewalls, data back-up and anti-virus software to malware protection and end point defences. In addition, every enterprise is unique; that’s why cybersecurity requirements can vary one business to the next. Much will depend on your profile, operations, sector, aims and objectives.

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Why all-inclusive IT support in central London could be your best bet

If you’d prefer to focus on running your business while one of the best cybersecurity and IT support companies in central London, protects your technology and data, we can help. Here at totality services we’ve been providing IT technician and cybersecurity services in London for numerous clients since our formation in 2008.

We deliver best value, best-fit and best-in-class solutions from cloud, network, data and end user device (or endpoint) security, right through to protecting your e-mail and online presence. Most of all though, we deliver complete peace of mind all over the Capital with our North London IT support and Central London IT & security services.

In the meantime, here’s our snapshot of the best cybersecurity companies in London and elsewhere the UK.

Start as you mean to go on – assess the risks

Just as you wouldn’t begin a diet without weighing yourself, so you shouldn’t start your IT cybersecurity strategy without weighing up the risks you face.

While we audit and assess cybersecurity dangers, Access Data is a London-based company with extensive experience in the fields of mitigating risk and ensuring compliance. Their wide range of collection and data tools reduce risk and use fewer resources at a lower cost while doing so. The company covers a wide a range of capabilities from endpoint security to data forensics.

Best Network security – the right defences, right down the line

Dark Trace has offices here in London but its software and AI systems were developed by Cambridge-based machine learning specialists. The company’s solutions include the Enterprise Immune System which uses leading cyber AI; the Darktrace Threat Visualiser, an interface system for advanced cyber defence and Autonomous Response, that gives a graphical presentation of the network with threat alerts.

Protect your data – against loss and attack

We mentioned above how valuable data is for organisations of every kind, so Clearswift protects sensitive information against leaks and malicious attacks by applying the most appropriate level of defence to data, depending upon its importance and context. Their solutions include encryption redaction and blocking in real time for compliance with industry regulations, as well as protection for email, Cloud and endpoint data loss.

Cybersecurity and Authentication – helps keep the attackers out

Authentication is all about checking an individual’s identity before they gain access to your systems. One leader in the field is Protectimus, an IT cybersecurity company in London that specialises in authentication using One Time Passwords (OTP), multi-factor authentication (MFA), Initiative for Open Authentication (OATH) and a range of algorithms. Then there’s Miracl, one of the leading security companies in London that uses zero knowledge proof in their solutions and an MFA that chooses PIN numbers over passwords to minimise vulnerabilities and threats.

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Endpoint security – every connected device is a danger

All those laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other wireless devices connected to your business network are endpoints and they’re highly vulnerable to attack from cybercriminals. Wandera, another of the leading cybersecurity companies in London, is focused on mobile defences for both the endpoint and the network. The company uses MI:RAM – an advanced machine learning and threat intelligence engine – to seek and destroy a broad spectrum of potential threats.

Manchester-based Avecto concentrates on user access and endpoint privilege management to reduce the risks posed by system weaknesses and potential attacks by maximising password security, minimising endpoint privilege and securing remote access.

E-mail – potentially the weakest link in your security

E-mailing is a key part of our communications these days. However, a service we all now take for granted leaves us wide open to a range of cybersecurity threats, especially when you factor in human error. These liabilities range from botnets, malware and pharming to phishing, ransomware and Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks.

Mimecast is a globally renowned IT security company – and one we work with – which has offices here in London. They focus on e-mail and web security and compliance. Their solutions include on-premises and Cloud-based resilience, prevention, protection and post-attack recovery tools.

Are the big names right for small business cybersecurity?

Many of the world’s largest and leading IT corporations have a significant presence in the $100 billion plus worldwide data security market. The UK’s own giants in the field range from Sophos to Quinetic. Even international accounting and consultancy firms, such as PwC, offer proactive and defensive IT and cybersecurity services. And as you’d expect, all the blue-chip names you probably know, like Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, McAfee and Trend Micro, are big in cybersecurity, too.

In our experience, though, if you run a small to medium-sized business (SMB), you’re unlikely to have your cybersecurity requirements and interests best met by a large, global and impersonal corporation. It’s vitally important to find an IT support team in central London that fully understands cybersecurity and the unique needs of your SMB.

As we mentioned above, here at totality services we’ve been providing IT technician, IT support and cybersecurity in London for numerous clients since our formation in 2008. As an independent and objective managed IT support provider (MSP) we are not limited to any particular vendor technology but can tailor our solutions to your exact needs.

Moreover, we deliver unrivalled expertise, experience, discretion, integrity and proactive responses as standard. Trust is also an integral aspect of our partnership with our clients. And we’re proud to say we’re one of the most trusted remote IT support service and security companies in London, as evidenced by the fact that we’ve earned no less than two consecutive Feefo Gold Trusted Service Awards, Five Star ratings from both Trustpilot and Google and a 98% client retention rate.

So for a friendly, confidential and no obligation chat about the benefits of professional and specialist IT technician and cybersecurity support in central London, North London, or South, East or West London, please do not hesitate to call us.