Microsoft Power BI: all of your data in one place, exactly when you need it

Interactive and easy-to-use data visualisation created by Microsoft and implemented by our team of Microsoft Certified Partners

Microsoft Power BI

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI data visualisation helps you bring together data from a whole range of sources within your business to create dashboards and reports tailored to your business.

Bring together the information you need when you need it. Consider it a simple way to keep track of business growth and find opportunities for improvement.

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Piece everything together with easy-to-use data visualisation

Our IT consultancy team here at totality services are certified Power BI experts. So we know how to implement it to serve your business needs.

The beauty of Power BI is that we can work behind the scenes to tie together all of the intricate and disparate data sources from across your business together. All into one easy-to-use and presented dashboard.

Or a series of dashboards if that’s what you need.

What’s included in the Power BI suite?

Microsoft Power BI is a collection of software, connectors, and APIs that allow you to pull all of this data together. Here is what’s included in the suite:

This is all part of the Power Platform which includes BI, Automate, Apps, and Virtual Agents.

Benefits of using Microsoft Power BI

Benefits of using Microsoft Power BI

Everything you need to know about Power BI licensing

Here is an overview of the more technical information, pricing, licensing, etc. Our team is always here to answer any questions you have but we figured this information may be helpful for you at this stage in case anyone internally has technical or pricing questions before we start working together.

There are two kinds of subscription licences: Standard and Premium.

The Standard Power BI subscription is fully self-service. And we can, of course, provide consultancy and help with implementation.

The subscription itself is billed monthly, priced for the number of users, and there is no subscription fee.

The Premium subscription provides advanced admin and deployment controls, ideal for enterprise, big data analytics, and on-premises reporting. There is an additional monthly cost for this.

You can actually mix and match these licences as you may not need Premium access across your entire organisation. If you have any questions about how this works, please let us know and we’ll talk you through the whole thing.

There are three options here: Free, Pro, and Premium Per User licences.

The type that a user needs is determined by your organisation’s subscription licence type, how they’ll interact with Power BI in their day-to-day, and if they need access to Premium features.

We know this sounds a bit complicated, so again, please feel free to ask us any questions at any stage throughout the process.

Pricing examples

Type Description Price per month
Power BI Pro Individual users gain access to self-service analytics to visualise data with live dashboards and reports. £7.50 per user
Power BI Premium per user Individual users gain access to: insights with advanced AI, self-service data prep for big data, access at enterprise scale, simplified data management. £15.10 per user
Power BI Premium per capacity Your organisation gains access to everything listed above without the need for per-user licences. This requires a Power BI Pro licence for publishing content. From £3,766.70 per capacity
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