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SaaS Protection (formerly Backupify). Protect your company data with SaaS Protection robust backups

Why is data backup so important?

Any IT system is only as useful as its backup plan. It doesn’t matter how much security you have in place, if don’t have the ability to restore data, your entire company’s operations could be compromised.

A well-maintained backup and disaster recovery plan allows you to continue trading should any of the following scenarios occur: sc-shortcode-cleaner-clean-content-end–>

  • An employee accidentally or maliciously deletes critical data or emails
  • Your data gets encrypted by a cybercriminal (a ransomware attack). According to figures from the government, up to 16% of UK businesses experienced a ransomware attack in the last 12 months.
  • Data becomes corrupted or unusable

The issue with Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace

If you host your data in the cloud on Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, you’ll only be getting a 30-day data retention period from both platforms*. This is problem because any files, emails or other items cannot be recovered 30 days after deletion, corruption, encryption etc.

*Microsoft 365 SharePoint has a 93-day data retention period

What is Saas Protection?

SaaS Protection (formerly Backupify) is a cloud-based backup product provided by Datto – the market leader in backup solutions, and totality services is an authorised reseller.

SaaS Protection will replicate your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace data onto a secure platform, accessible from anywhere in the world and improves on the default 30-day retention period.

Key SaaS Protection Features


  • Reliable protection for your business data
    SaaS Protection protects against harmful ransomware or malicious activity by providing 3 backup points throughout any given day
  • Industry-leading backup security
    SaaS Protection operates within a secure, private cloud that protects your data from its source to the backup destination using government standard encryption methods that fulfill all major compliance requirements (GDPR, ISO etc.)
  • Automated backup service
    SaaS Protection’s ‘Set and forget’ methodology means that we configure your backups to run automatically, so no human error is at play

How does SaaS Protection work?

The platform backups the solutions below

Microsoft 365

  • Exchange Online (mailboxes)
  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive
  • Teams

Google Workspace

  • Gmail
  • Calendar and Contacts
  • Google Drive
  • Team Drives

SaaS Protection data retention periods

Daily backups:
kept for 30 days

Weekly backups:
kept for 90 days

Monthly backups:
kept for 1 year, then stored for a custom retention period (e.g. 5 years)

Example of how SaaS Protection works (with dates):

  • 28/07/21: All data / items backed up 3 times today (Morning, Afternoon & Night)
  • From 28/08/21 – 27/11/21: The Night backup (see point above) can be restored (this is the daily backup)
  • From 28/11/21 – 27/08/22: The daily backups (see point above) are rolled up into a weekly backup, which can be restored
  • From 28/08/22: The weekly backups (see point above) are rolled up into a monthly backup, which can be restored up to the selected retention period (e.g. 5-years)