Why London businesses should opt for a London based managed service

It’s hardly rocket science—every business needs to opt for a London managed service to operate smoothly and efficiently to perform at their best.

We think it’s essential that every effort your employees make, and every action performed must be spent devoting their time and energy to the service of your customers.

With business operations being so heavily dependent on technology, it’s no surprise that too often, too many company staff are distracted from their client’s needs.

From a breakdown in your digital office procedure to full-blown network disaster, unless you’ve got a dedicated IT staff member, one of your team will be pulled away from their usual role. That, or it’s an emergency call-out that comes as a costly hourly rate.

For the SME, outsourcing to a managed service can save you up to 40% compared to employing an in-house option. Yet the cost is only one advantage to utilising a managed service.

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Choosing an IT managed service provider in London

A managed service, once that takes control of your primary and satellite office IT needs, removes all of the responsibility from your team, allowing them to get on with the job you pay them to do.

Not only that, it’s more dependable, efficient, and it’s cost-controlled. A managed service will cost you less than the salary of a dedicated member of staff or an in-house IT support team. In turn, you can allocate those freed up finances into more beneficial areas.

Take a moment to consider all the technology you depend on every day. Wouldn’t knowing that they’re all continually monitored by experts, to run at their optimum performance, buy you invaluable peace of mind? And that any likely problems are headed off before they happen?

  • Email management and hosting
  • Hardware and software
  • Internet, broadband and wireless
  • Wireless networks
  • Device management
  • Cloud solutions
  • Data management and backup
  • Disaster recovery
  • VoIP
  • Web hosting, administration and domain management
  • Antivirus
  • Security
  • GDPR

And this is only a small handful of the essentials that apply to almost every business. I’m sure you’ll think of many more that include all sorts of specialist applications specific to your area of expertise.

When you start putting them all down on paper, it’s easy to see why continual monitoring and management is vital. It’s imperative to have a team to keep you running at full speed, all day, every day.

A team of specialists to cover every area of expertise

A further benefit of engaging in a managed service is that you’re employing a complete team of experts.

To receive the highest level of support over so many specialist fields, it’s unlikely that you’re going to find one person who will have every skillset you need, and the extensive knowledge that a dedicated service team will hold.

Your managed service team will include trainers, engineers, software specialists, hardware purchasers, managers, consultants and more. Every one of them dedicated to providing you with their individual expertise, when you need it.

It also means there’s no need to hire in an expert for additional projects you’re engaging in. You’ve already got them on your team. They will have their eyes constantly fixed on the future of technology. Your next project, as well as your continuing business operation, will be strategically aligned with all of your other systems.

Round the clock care comes as standard.

A managed service has support available 24/7/365, which means help is always available when you need it. With continual availability, you can be sure your provider is at work when you are.

Managed IT services for London based companies

So many IT providers offer remote response solutions. And so they should. It’s fast and efficient and designed to get you up and running with minimal fuss and effort.

But what if your problem is bigger than that? Let’s say it’s a hardware problem and needs immediate replacement. You need someone who can be with you, onsite and putting things straight there and then. A business based anywhere but on your doorstep can’t offer the same level of speed and service as one that’s local to you.

For the most effective managed services—London based providers should be compulsory

There’s a heightened level of efficiency offered by a business that operates in your area. That’s why we suggest that London businesses should work with each other. In fact, we think it’s essential.

You know what you need—and we know how to give it to you

Any managed service should start with an in-depth investigation into your business operation. Your provider should work with you to understand what the business’s needs are. They should also devise the best plan to ensure that all the systems they incorporate into your package can grow seamlessly, as you do.

Your plan will have a fixed price that includes continual monitoring, regular observation, and consultancy to keep you updated on everything that’s going on, and any new ways to improve your business’s practices.

Pro-active security for your London business

Security has never played a more important part in digital operations. Where everyone is constantly connected, and data-protection legislation has become increasingly complex and demanding, it is a must that you provide protection, not only for your clients but also for your staff, your business and its smooth operation.

When engaging in Managed IT Security, London based solutions can offer personal care and attention a remote service can’t.

When so much of your business is at stake, the security and peace of mind that a face-to-face discussion can provide is often priceless. Having a team of such professionals, that can personally walk you through your system security and its operation, at your place of business, is amplified.

A complete Managed Services plan is priceless

The benefits we’ve discussed are only a selection. To truly understand how much better off you’d be, both financially and in your business efficiency, make an appointment to talk to a specialist (ideally one of ours!). You’ll be amazed how much more you’ll achieve and how much more you’ll save than you expect to.

Continual support, monitoring, maintenance, dedicated account management, future-proofing, future planning, installations, staff introductions and exits—and everything else you can think of in between—it’s all taken care of for you, and at a fixed cost.

And the best part? It will all run so seamlessly you won’t even know its happening.