IT Procurement Services London

IT Procurement Services in London

Your IT has never mattered more.

Whether it’s hardware, software or licenses, the IT market is complex, complicated and ever-changing with a bewildering amount of choice for the small and medium-sized business. totality services is an award-winning it support provider in London. Making sure your team has the right technology, tools, and support to succeed (and be productive) is central to what we do and the services we provide.

In short, procuring the right technology for your business can be a stressful experience. What’s more, mistakes can be costly if you end up having to replace your assets again just a year or two down the road. Don’t worry though, because we can help you to assess your immediate and on-going needs and then identify, procure and supply all of the IT and communication services, systems and solutions you need.

Your IT has never mattered more, so its procurement has moved from being merely a box-ticking, back-office function to being of strategic importance to your business. The right choices, at the right cost and in the right timeframe can empower your enterprise to evolve, grow and prosper.

Make the most of our buying muscle

We buy a LOT of technology for our clients. So small and medium-sized, London-based businesses can leverage our purchasing power to box well above their buying weight and secure the best quality, value and service.

You can trust the IT we procure for you will be best-in-class, best-fit for your business, secure, resilient and compliant with all the leading regulations and industry practices.

Independent, objective and impartial procurement

We’re not resellers. Instead, we provide you with a completely transparent, vendor-neutral approach to IT procurement. That means we don’t just buy technology in pursuit of sales targets and commission, we buy only what best suits the needs of your business, your operations and objectives.

We work in this way because we’re in this for a long-term partnership with you, not short-term gain.

In addition, our IT procurement service for London frees you and your colleagues up to concentrate on your day job and key business functions.

You can’t beat our buying experience

Our highly experienced and expert team, with their exhaustive knowledge of the IT marketplace, already work successfully for a numerous SME’s across London, and right across industry sectors.

Our service in consultative and ranges from analysing your business and IT needs to providing impartial advice and a seamless acquisition and delivery service.

We can also install, connect, configure and test the IT we procure. And if you and your team prefer to be liberated from the whole IT hardware, software, licencing and support process, we can also provide a fully managed IT service.
Essentially, we can do as much or as little for you as you like.

We source from a wide range of the world’s leading IT brands

Not only do we work with many of the market’s leading names, we’ve earned top certifications and accreditations from many of them, so you can choose us with complete peace of mind. We’re proud to offer you technology from brands including:

The answer’s yes. Now, what was your IT question?

  • We can procure the full range of IT products for your business, including:
  • Computing – desktop PCs/workstations, Macs, laptops, notebooks, iPads and monitors
  • Servers and backup and storage solutions
  • Networking – cloud and hybrid solutions, wired and wireless, switches, routers, leased lines and broadband
  • Communications – telephone systems, VoIP handsets and accessories, mobile devices and smart phones
  • Peripherals – printers, keyboards, mice, scanners and other peripherals
  • Operating systems – including server and third-party applications
  • Business and productivity solutions – from Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams to Google Workspace
  • Security – anti-virus, anti-spam, business continuity & data backup protection
  • Software licences

Delivering so much more than simply the low-cost option

We know your IT is a fantastic business enabler, so our procurement service is much more important than simply opting for the cheapest kit. With totality services you’ll have a partner/supplier who is impartial, proactively interested in your long-term success, has proven vendor relationships and will deliver competitive prices, great value and an unbeatable service.

So trust us to provide your IT procurement service and you’ll benefit from:

  • A complete, one stop shop solution which is fast, simple and hassle-free
  • Our vendor-neutral approach which means you gain impartial, independent and objective guidance
  • Products and services which are completely aligned with your needs, operations and aspirations of your business
  • Full transparency, from advice to pricing
  • The cost saving advantages of our buying power
  • A wide range of support services to get your new technology up and running efficiently and keep it doing so