The importance of cloud data backup

cloud server data backup

What is cloud data backup?

Are your business files and data securely and automatically backed on a daily basis? Imagine the worst should happen and your hardware is stolen or corrupted – what would you do? Cloud data backup services protect your business data, keeping it secure, compliant and accessible.

In terms of a definition, the following description explains it very well: Cloud backup, also known as online backup, is a strategy for backing up data that involves sending a copy of the data over the internet to an off-site server.

Cloud data backup systems save stress and time

The problem with backing up data manually (e.g. to a local hard drive) is that it can be a time-consuming and a risky task. Manually backing up your files might seem ideal – but can easily take up a few hours of time per month, which can result in days of lost productivity every year. The more important issue is around risk, as files can be missed in the back-up job and external drives can be lost or stolen – we’ve all heard nightmare stories in the media of customer data going missing.

Cloud backup systems can step in to save some of this lost time and effort, especially if you use a system designed with productivity in mind. Many systems operate automatically each night after you close the office for the night. An “incremental” back-up system, will make 1 full data backup and thereafter only uploads files that were changed during a given day. There is full reporting, you have have total peace of mind that your data is secure and fully backed up.

Cloud server data backup conclusion

Nowadays, it really is a no brainer for London based businesses to implement a cloud data back-up system. It’s cheap and you know that what ever happens to your physical hardware, your data will always be safe and accessible if needed.