CC Foundation Partnership

We are honoured to announce that totality services has teamed up with the CC Foundation to launch the UK’s first-ever ‘Laptop Library’ with the aim to support and educate London’s most underprivileged children.

A survey of 13,000 kids found that…

  • 84% of children do not have access to a laptop or computer outside of school
  • More than half (52%) have no internet access at home
  • Two thirds (63%) have had no education on staying safe online and keeping their information private

Following this survey, the CC Foundation in partnership with leading IT service provider totality services, will give hundreds of children access to borrow laptops, use internet, and gain career opportunities.

This exciting initiative will give children the opportunity to:

1. Borrow a laptop for free to access all important technology and IT training to up-skill the next generation

2. Access regular IT training sessions, work experience and an apprenticeship scheme

3. Access free internet both at the laptop library and at home with a wi-fi dongle so that no what the situation at home, it can still be used to full effect.

4. Gain a supportive space to get help with schoolwork and career guidance

Tech Suite funding

totality services has funded the organisation’s ‘Tech Suite’ which will be home to the laptops and training sessions in south east London, and it is predicted that this year alone over 1,000 children will take advantage of the ‘Laptop Library’.

All children will have to do is log out a laptop, before being able to take it home and bring it back when agreed. Each comes with a wi-fi dongle so that no matter what the situation at home, it can still be used to full effect.

Here’s what rapper and CC Foundation founder, Fekky said of the partnership

“We recognise that the mind-set harvested from low-income socio-economic conditions tends to lead to a lack of motivation, low standards and creates a hunger for comfort at a low cost. We believe that creating the Tech Suite with totality service will go a long way in challenging these issues, provide people with the opportunities to see and set high standards for themselves.”

“We can’t thank totality services enough for their generosity and helping this dream become a reality. Not only can kids now have access to tech and take it home, but they can do it safely and up-skill thanks to the training sessions and maybe even work for totality services in future.”

We are thrilled to be part of this inspiring initiative and look forward to doing more work to help children across London!

Luis Navarro, Co-Founder of totality services said

Luis Navarro, Co-Founder of totality services said

“When we heard about the CC Foundation and the mission the team is on to help underprivileged children in the UK we wanted to help immediately. The worrying findings from the survey provided a natural role for totality; to provide children with access to tech, the freedom to use it at home but importantly teach them how to use it, securely.”

“We pride ourselves on our staff training and retention rate and we are extremely excited to work with these children, help educate them on IT security and welcome some at totality services for work experience and apprenticeships.”