Our Culture

The vision, mission, and culture behind totality services

The world of IT services can feel a little complicated. We’re here to change that. Success works both ways. We only succeed by making your life a whole lot easier. Technology is a wonderful and necessary part of modern business, but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. In fact, it should be simple.

Our mission

Put simply, we want to elevate our clients and their teams’ everyday lives.

A huge focus for us is making the lives of Ops Managers and their teams as easy as possible while we manage the technical stuff behind the scenes, all whilst considering social & environmental issues. This breaks down into four main areas:

  1. Everything we do is centred around what’s best for our clients and their staff
  2. People are your most important resource. We want to remove technological barriers to onboarding your new starters and improve the employee experience from day one
  3. Our automation, strategic tech initiatives, and excellent support staff allow you to focus on scaling your business free of technical friction
  4. The planet and it’s people matter. We have put social and environmental initiatives in place to make the world a better place. 

Our three core pillars


We are a people-first company. From the way we look after our own team to how we make life easier for yours. We also love to give back, including working with the CC Foundation to improve computer access for disadvantaged kids.


We prioritise quality in all areas, from the cutting-edge technology we use to the friendly, helpful service we provide to our customers. We speak clearly, without fluff, and without unnecessary jargon.

Continuous Improvement

Of course, we make mistakes. We’re only human. But we never make them twice. We’ve fostered a culture of accountability, learning, and adapting. We aren’t in the business of throwing blame around.

In the name of transparency

We’ve broken down the whole process of working with us. From first contact to go-live, have a look at the whole process so you know what’s ahead.