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Dear totality services clients,

We know it’s become something of a cliché but we are living and trying to work through an unprecedented time. The Covid-19 pandemic or coronavirus has changed our work, personal and family lives beyond recognition.

Thousands upon thousands of people local to us here in London, as well as nationally and internationally beyond our Capital, have been directly or indirectly impacted by the pandemic. Our thoughts are with them, their families, friends and communities. We wish everyone a fast and full recovery.

A ‘Thank You’ for all the unsung heroes among us

Like you, we’ve celebrated and applauded the fantastic and selfless work of all the brave healthcare professionals right around the world who are striving tirelessly to protect the people in their care.

We also salute the many other professionals who are grafting at some personal risk to keep the nation moving and working. These range from carers, truckers and transport and supermarket staff to those ensuring the utilities we all rely on remain up and running.

Keeping your business working and safe

And as more and more of us heed the government’s advice and stay home to work remotely, we’re reminded that since our formation in 2008 we’ve been about so much more than technology. Personal service and customer care are at the heart of everything we do. It’s what drives our ‘above and beyond, can do’ attitude and approach. And it’s as true today – during this very challenging time – as it’s always been.

So our technical teams have continued to operate 24/7 throughout this difficult period and our mission continues to be to provide unrivalled support for your Windows and Mac environments, so your people and your business can continue to work effectively. We’re also committed to keeping your IT infrastructure, data, IP and confidential customer and financial information safe and secure from cybercrime especially with so many of you working remotely.

Staying one step ahead

Cybercrime continuously evolves, gets more sophisticated and is ever-ready to take advantage of an opportunity such as the Covid-19 pandemic. Cybercriminals are aggressively playing on the Covid-19 pandemic in their attacks, preying on people’s urgent need for help and hope.

They also know that many more of us are working remotely from home and are ready to exploit any weaknesses. Therefore, advanced, effective protection is more important now than ever, wherever your people are working.

That’s why our cybersecurity experts continue to monitor, gather intelligence, respond to threats and protect your technology and teams non-stop. Our award-winning technical support, systems and processes enable our specialist teams to work remotely and successfully, ready and able to mitigate any risk.

When working remotely is the new normal

With many more of us working from home – often for the first time – our support, tools and resources include:

  • Protection for the PCs and Macs your team uses at home, so they can benefit from the same advanced, enterprise-grade defences they enjoy in the office.
  • Free set up of secure VPN connections for remote access for your team.
  • Our free best practices remote working security guide, with advice on operating methods and technology recommendations, as well as information about the specific capabilities of our endpoint, firewall and mobile solutions.

For more information or to request your access to any of the above resources, please call us or email the helpdesk.

Knowledge is power

To keep your team and your business safe and secure during the pandemic we’ll continue to update you with clear, jargon-free and

real-time information as we continuously identify, detect, track and block Covid-19 pandemic related attacks.

We’ll get this information to you via:

  • Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Alerts posted on our website

To stay in touch with the latest developments in the evolving Covid-19 situation, please do sign-up to and follow us on one of the above services.

Here to help and support you

All the totality services team is committed to helping your business and team through and beyond this difficult and unprecedented time, and we’ll continue to introduce new initiatives that enable us to do so.

If you’d like any further help or information in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Please take care, stay safe and follow the government’s guidelines on remaining at home, protecting our NHS and saving lives.

Luis Navarro and Pedro Martins

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