Why you should be outsourcing your IT in London

Today’s businesses can’t survive without some kind of technology input. Even if you’re selling fruit and veg on a market stall, there are still a host of tech applications designed to help streamline your process and make your life easier.

That’s the deal-breaker—it’s all about making life easier.

A sole trader might only rely on the use of a mobile phone and some basic accounting software. I can almost hear you from here, dreaming of the day when life was that simple.

But what about those enterprises with a growing team of staff? Or a chain of locations? An array of hardware to upkeep? Who takes care of connectivity? Communications? Security? Whose job is it to pick up the problem when it all falls down? And whose job is it to make sure it doesn’t fail in the first place?

The benefits of outsourcing IT services and support in London

IT outsourcing in London is huge. It’s pretty straightforward to see why too. Business operation is becoming ever more complex and technology-dependent. For London based, small and mid-size businesses, outsourcing IT support offers better value and assistance than ever.

We’re going to lay it down in the simplest terms, so you can see why trying to take care of business yourself, just doesn’t make as much sense.

The ‘Big 5’ for outsourced IT support in London

  • Financial – easier monitoring and budgeting of your IT costs
  • Time – prevent staff from wasting time on tasks that shouldn’t be their responsibility
  • Expertise ­– streamline and grow your system with the latest technologies
  • Security – professional protection for your data and digital operation
  • Efficiency – when everyone focuses on their own field of expertise, productivity

Let’s look a little closer at how the businesses already taking advantage of the IT outsourcing companies in London are benefiting in these key areas.

1. Money: Controlling the costs of IT

When you outsource your IT support, you take control of what you spend. Surprise expenses from unforeseen emergencies will disappear. When you work with a Managed IT Services plan for your business or project, it will be designed purely for your specific needs, and at a fixed budget with none of those nasty surprises.

Operating in London is expensive. Real estate prices are higher than almost anywhere else in the country. So, those who operate within the capital need to adjust their prices accordingly. Wages are higher. Rent and rates are higher too. Cutting any avoidable costs is a must.

Outsourcing your IT support to a London company is one of the ways to become more financially efficient.

Hiring expert engineers on an hourly rate soon adds up. Employing dedicated members of staff and providing on-going specialist training opens an unforeseeable and unpredictable set of expenses that will easily outweigh the financial control provided by outsourcing.

And what happens when you lose your dedicated IT staff member? The costs in finding a replacement and training them to do the job starts all over again.

2. Time: Saving time means saving money

It’s common knowledge that so many businesses operate at a much lower efficiency than required because staff are tied up taking care of issues that shouldn’t be their problem—or their job.

Freeing up staff to work on what they should be is a must. Businesses that have tried to manage IT services in-house have soon found it to be a false economy.

Expecting an existing member of your team to understand the complexities of your hardware, networks or problems that they don’t face day-to-day, will use up valuable time for them to research and understand. The time they spend understanding the problem or process is time they’re not working on what they should be.

3. IT expertise means getting the best from the best

Working with experts in IT means that you will be introduced to the latest ways you should be operating and advancing your business.

Your IT provider is already an expert in the premium systems for every operation, and more than that, they scour the industry for the latest methods to keep you moving forward. It’s part of what they do.

Outsourcing your IT to a London company means that you’ll be kept up-to-date, not only with technology but that your provider will be on hand to implement it quickly and without additional disruption to your schedule.

4. Advanced digital security to prevent business grinding to a halt

Security in the digital realm is a significant concern. Why would anyone take risks in such a specialist area, when losing control would mean business grinding to a halt? It could also mean clients running to competitors if they can’t trust you to protect them from leaks, hacks or losses.

Cyber threats, malware and viruses are only the beginning. The peace of mind trusting this role to an expert doesn’t just apply to you, but to your clients, staff and associates too.

5. Efficiency: Improve productivity and business continuity

Outsourcing your IT infrastructure to an expert guarantees your staff can be left to focus on what they’re experts at too.

With regular monitoring and dedicated, proactive care, issues will be identified sooner and rectified with minimum disruption to your workers’ roles.

24/7 physical and remote support means that any downtime is kept to an absolute minimum, if at all. Future planning can cater for alternative options, keeping your business moving in the event of any issue.

Associated advantages of London IT outsourcing

There are plenty of technical services we could expand on that will help you to see just how beneficial outsourcing IT for a London company is. You can read through the rest of our website for our extensive list of support and service solutions.

The point here is to tell you just how much you stand to gain by engaging in those services—applied and actioned by experts, monitored and maintained for your continual efficiency and financial benefit—by a team who are on-hand and close by.

You reduce the risk of loss from changes in technology. Your resources will suffer less impact. You can be confident in keeping up with your competition and never getting left behind in a fast-moving hi-tech world. Compliance is covered. Security is ensured. All the elements you don’t have real time to apply yourself to are covered by experts.

A win-win at every step

So, apart from the time and money you’ll save, the enhanced efficiency and productivity you’ll achieve, the peace of mind you’ll enjoy, and the expertise and on-hand assistance you’ll get from the best in their field—there are also all of the associated advantages that each of these elements will bring.

Now tell me, shouldn’t this be a must for you, your business, and every member of your organisation?