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Transiting to cloud

Data management is a complex challenge for small business owners. The volume of data handled in the next decade is expected to be 44 times more than the current volume. Small businesses are moving over to cloud computing to overcome the challenges of handling huge amounts of data. While there would be a 28% growth in public cloud infrastructure, private cloud offered and managed by IT Support London services is also growing at a fast rate.

Major industries adopting cloud computing include IT, retail, banking, healthcare, government agencies and intelligence.

Transiting to cloud: eight key factors to consider

If your business is looking to transition to cloud, there are some factors that need to be considered. Consulting an IT Support London services provider is the best way to understand how to transition to cloud in a smooth way.

  1. Testing custom functionalities
    It is important to test the custom functionalities that your current site has on the new cloud server before transitioning. This is because each server is different and decodes the custom code in different ways. Testing before transitioning ensures all custom functionalities are intact.
  2. Know the security features
    Loss of data is a critical challenge for businesses. According to a study, it costs $200 for one record in a data breach incident. When a third party vendor or IT Support London services handle the cloud transition, data security is accorded the top priority. Although cloud is known for its safety features, it is better to review the vulnerabilities and features related to security on cloud before the actual transition happens.
  3. Improve efficiency by organizing
    More than 90% of businesses are expected to move to cloud in 2018. One of the key advantages is that it improves operational efficiency. But to ensure efficient operations, it is important to organize the filing system on the cloud which is a structured way to transition. In the absence of organization, there could be a chaotic situation which can impact efficiency.
  4. Accountability with a dedicated staff
    While collaboration is one of the attractions of cloud computing with easy accessibility for the entire team, having a dedicated cloud manager is important. Dedicating a team member for cloud transition is a smart way to ensure accountability.
  5. Timeframes to avoid delays
    While transisting to cloud, ensure there are clear timelines which enable you to stay on track and monitor your progress. This also ensures the business or the customers are not affected by unnecessary delays.
  6. Integration of APIs
    Understand the APIs as you transition your business to cloud. Integrating cloud with other tools such as APIs are the best way to ensure optimal use of cloud solutions. Ensure the tools have well documented open APIs compatible with other tools. IT support London services can help your business understand how to integrate your existing tools with the cloud solutions.
  7. Make sure the software is mobile friendly
    The Millenials are comfortable working on the smartphone and thanks to cloud computing working remotely wherever there is internet connectivity is a possibility. Being mobile friendly is one of the top priorities for cloud services. Cloud offers the flexibility and convenience for your employees to edit, share and access files from anywhere across the world.
  8. Ensure backups to prevent data loss
    Cloud provided and managed by IT support London services is a cost effective way to ensure scalability. When transitioning to cloud, it is critical to back up and create duplicate files of data in case there is any hitch in the process of migrating. After the transition, the cloud ensures efficient data management through the entire lifecycle.

Consulting professional cloud solutions provider such as the IT Support London services is the best way to make transiting to cloud go smoothly.

About Totality Services:

totality services was founded in 2008 and provides London’s small & medium businesses with an end-to-end IT service, from purchasing and installing hardware to Mac & Windows support, cloud solutions and data backup. We support our clients using proven, high quality systems and security practices that blue-chip companies take for granted.

We consistently achieve excellent client satisfaction thanks to a process driven approach, concise documentation and our team of friendly and highly trained London based engineers.

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