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Tips & Tricks for Word

3 Hidden features in Word Desktop

There are lots of great hidden features tucked away in Microsoft Word that you probably don’t know about, here are three tricks that you may find useful enjoy.

Research with Smart Lookup

If you’re reading a document in Word and you come across a word or topic and you’re not entirely sure what it means. Smart Lookup is the answer.

  • Highlight the word > right-click on it > select Smart Lookup.
  • A pane is going to pop up on the right-hand side. First, you’ll see some great research links providing you with more information about the word. Over to the right, you’ll see the Define tab, which you can click on if you just want a definition of the term in question.

Tired eyes? Change the background of your documents to sepia

If you’re staring at Word docs all day and your eyes get tired, you’re not alone. That bright, glaring white background of Word can be tough to look at after a while.

  • You can switch the program to the more eye-friendly “Read Mode,” which allows you to change the page color.
  • Go up to View > Read Mode > View > Page Color > Sepia. We think you’ll find this easier on your eyes.

Insert a screenshot into your Word document

  • Just click on Insert > Screenshot. Word will show you the windows you currently have open on your desktop. Just choose the one you want and you can insert a screenshot of it into your document.

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