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We’re primarily speaking to the businesses based in London here, seeing as we specialise in working with those in and around the capital. As we’ve said before, we work within a geographical area where we can be with our clients, face-to-face, when it’s important. And even though we live in a digitally connected world, we still believe in operating as living, breathing human beings.

We are experts, and we’re ready to help. When it comes to Sharepoint consulting in London, we’d like to think we’re one of the best.

Sharepoint: What does it do?

In the most basic terms, Sharepoint is an intranet and content management system. A place where you can share files, information, events and projects with everyone in your team and beyond.

That sounds almost too straightforward and simple, given how much it actually does. The magic behind Sharepoint is that the possibilities of how you utilise what it offers are almost endless.

Sharepoint: How should you use it?

The million-dollar question. How your business should use Sharepoint all depends on your business operation and the goals you hope to achieve.

The following outline is a simple strategy for getting the best out of a specifically designed system. It’s a simplified plan on how to utilise the tools of Sharepoint for a small business in London, and to make sure you’re getting the best from it.

If you’re new to Sharepoint, you’d definitely be wise to seek advice. Obviously, we’re going to tell you that, but take our word for it—it’s a huge tool, and often substantially underutilised.

Too many businesses rush into its implementation without forming a proper infrastructure. Without it, the streamlining you hope for won’t happen, and the productivity you expected to increase could easily fall in the opposite direction.

If you haven’t grasped the full benefits of what it can do for you, finding a trusted Sharepoint consultancy in London to work with is a must. One who will explain how it operates, and help you to create a custom system of operation should be your first priority.

Having a partner you can meet face-to-face goes a long way to achieving the digital workspace and flow that you need to create.

Collaboration – Governance – Management

For the ultimate team operation, your new architecture will enhance communication and collaboration, to help you perform more efficiently as a tighter knit team.

Well-defined governance will protect and enable your staff, without them roaming off-track or homing in on the wrong areas.

Evolving and robust system management will feed into your strategy and help it evolve as new directives and goals become apparent.

Figure out your key ingredients and design a winning plan


Our experts in Sharepoint can examine your current file management and workflow operations to see where you’re getting it right and also getting it wrong. Whether you use Sharepoint yet or not, it doesn’t matter. The idea is to understand your business needs and to show you the best methods of practice to succeed in them.


This is the point where your bespoke solution is born—your optimum architecture to share files and information, around your company team, using the best of Sharepoint’s features.


With a new plan and a map of what’s needed and what’s to come, your Sharepoint solution is introduced to your business environment. This is the time to incorporate migration from previous versions or other packages.


Create your sites and libraries, add your users, and more. Determine your security groups, set up your metadata and views, build your navigation. Trying to achieve the best in these areas without the correct preparation beforehand is just far too hit and hope.

The Sharepoint tools make the job simple when you know exactly what you want and how they work. Your new design dictates exactly what you need to do with them.

Feedback from function

Introduce a semi-soft-launch to see how it works for you. Take on-board your staff’s opinions and ideas. You never know, they might have spotted something that you’ve missed. All your staff perform different jobs within the business and have a different way of seeing how the system will support their needs. This is the time for fine-tuning. Take advantage.

Train, support and evolve

Getting the best from the software means getting the best from your team. When it comes to Sharepoint training in London, once again, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll make sure they know how to use the system to its capacity by giving them the correct level of training. We’ll show you how to incorporate your daily activities into pages and sites, to present a clear picture of your progress and to offer an option for opinions and feedback from everyone involved.

This is how you’re going to bring everyone closer together.

Presenting updates, flow processes, events and achievements—every step should go toward creating a more transparent operation, one where everyone is kept up-to-date at every step.

And of course, all your data, your files and your resources, are available to everyone who needs it—all in one place—at the click of a button.

Developing your digital strategy

Sharepoint is designed to offer you tools to manage every aspect of your business and to tie everything into one readily available portal.

If you have web access, you have access to the business. It’s all about flexibility and control, after all.

People are social animals, so it’s no surprise that our workflow apps have become more in line with typical social media platforms. We’ve developed the most simple and addictive ways to share information; it’s pre-programmed into our daily routines—so why should a business be any different? Posting relevant updates about a product deadline or requirement should be as natural as posting your kids’ birthdays. And that’s just the beginning.

Your strategy must include ways to evolve. That means adapting to new challenges with efficient new processes. They could be as simple as setting up new pages, projects and sites—or making them available to suppliers, partners and clients.

Building a system to grow

If you utilise your new Sharepoint environment as you should, you’ll learn how to make the most of its tools at every opportunity. With the introduction of new apps and updates, you’ll also be better equipped to power forward and become stronger, by adding them as additional tools and weapons in your arsenal.

What you must be sure of, however, is that your plan isn’t run on luck. It needs to be designed and developed, intentional and efficiently managed.

Give yourself the best chances of success; after all, if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing incredibly well.

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