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SMEs should focus on cyber security

Most small businesses do not consider themselves to be at risk for cyber-attacks. A survey showed that almost one third of small businesses that have been attacked do not give top priority to security measures and an equal number of SMEs do not agree that it needs top priority.

More worrying is that almost 80% of small and micro businesses do not receive any training to deal with and prevent cyber crimes. While 26% have not put in any security measures in place at all, 69% of SMEs have no formal policies regarding cyber security.

SMEs not aware of the risks

The most common attack modes are emails, followed by account hijacking and other targeted attacks according to a DCMS report. Close to 92% of the attacks in the U.K were targeted at devices connected through the Internet of things that includes building control systems and security cameras.

The software industry took the brunt of the attacks with more than 50% of firms facing cyber-attacks in 2016. Most of these SMEs did not have technical support from the best professionals of IT support London region has.

A report by an insurance company Zurich indicated that across U.K., 875,000 SMEs were targets of cyber-attacks in the past one year. Some of the worse affected firms were in London. The firms likely at high risk are those who have not taken any technical support from competent providers of IT support London region has.

The government also called for additional security measures to be adopted by SMEs that should include training and education for employees to identify risks and prevent them with constant updates of software and hardware.

Despite these staggering figures, just 49 % of small businesses surveyed said they would allocate £1,000 for upgrading or installing cyber security measures. Close to 22 % did not have any idea on how much to allocate for cyber security despite one quarter of the businesses’ customers asking for details on cyber security measures. Besides, the top management is not involved to a large extent in developing a strategy for cyber security or in training and education of staff.

No strategy in place

A survey that interviewed more than 3000 executives found that 40% of SMEs have developed a strategy and process for meeting cyber security threats. Some of these measures involve taking technical support from the most experienced providers of IT support London region has.

The data loss resulting from a major cyber-attack can have a huge impact on small businesses. A study showed that 4 in 10 SMEs admitted they would find it very difficult to handle such data loss and one in four businesses said they would not be able to recover any of that data. Consulting a top provider of technical support and the best in terms of IT support London region has needs to be a top priority for small businesses to prevent data loss.

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