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Even the most expensive, state-of-the-art systems and software are fallible. So you need to plan for every contingency, then consider the most appropriate solutions for any potential business IT support problems you face. Essentially, you have three options:

  1. Hire an in-house expert, experienced IT team to care for your technology but this option can be expensive, requires costly space and consumes valuable time.
  2. Outsource your IT to a third-party on an as-needed basis, (known as the ‘break/fix’ model) but this can result in a patchy, unreliable service and unpredictable costs.
  3. Choose a managed IT support service for your small business, which is becoming increasingly popular with recent research suggesting as many as two-thirds of organisations choose this solution.

What is IT support small businesses?

Sometimes referred to as outsourced IT support or a managed IT support service, it’s where you trust the proactive, day-to-day running of your IT infrastructure to a suitably capable and certified managed services provider (or MSP).  It’s their job to maximise your IT’s operational effectiveness and minimise the expenses associated with it.

Under this subscription model, you and your MSP agree and are bound by a service level agreement (SLA) contract. This will stipulate what’s covered, the performance and quality metrics of the partnership and the fixed monthly cost.

The beauty of maintaining the availability, security, efficiency and effectiveness of your IT in this way is that the monthly payments are easy to budget for and plan around, while the service is completely flexible and scalable, so it’s fast and simple to evolve your small business IT support as your small business changes and grows.

What are the benefits of small business IT support?

Outsourcing your IT support to a proven, trusted, expert and highly experienced team (like ours here at totality services) delivers many tangible advantages. These include:

  • Total peace of mind

You can work with confidence, knowing that your IT is constantly being monitored and maintained so your team can securely access and utilise it from any device, in any location and at any time.

The proactive nature of managed IT service solutions has ‘prevention is better than cure’ at its heart. That means issues are reported and resolved long before they become business-stalling problems.

  • Leveling the playing field

IT rapidly advances, as do the expectations of your customers, so you have to keep up. The good news is your small business IT support service will deploy, optimise, and enable you to benefit from, the latest, fastest, and most cost-effective technologies; the kind of kit bigger, better-funded businesses take for granted.

Your managed IT support partner will also keep the software your organisation uses regularly updated with the vendor’s patches and fixes, while regularly backing up your data. The result is that your systems and data stay secure, available and operate at peak performance.

  • Greater value for money and easier to plan around

For a small business based in London (which already has high overheads to contend with), managed IT support services are generally less expensive than the alternatives – such as employing in-house expertise or the break/fix model. They will almost certainly be cheaper than the cost of any operational downtime and delay you experience if any part of your IT infrastructure fails.

Additionally, a monthly-based agreed and fixed subscription to your small businesses IT support provider makes your financial planning and budgeting accurate and simple.

  • Access to a highly experienced and expert team

First and foremost, choosing a managed IT services partner gives you access to the specialist skills and knowledge of their fully trained and certified professionals, so you can be confident your IT infrastructure is always working at its best to deliver business continuity. In providing your team with the capabilities you lack, your MSP can hone your competitive edge and boost your productivity, profitability and growth.

  • Safety, security and compliance

In recent research amongst CEOs across the world, cybercrime was seen as the biggest global threat to business. If your small operation doesn’t have the latest security and protection tools in place, you’re a victim waiting to happen.

Please don’t make the mistake of thinking you haven’t systems worth hacking or data worth stealing. From phishing to ransomware and viruses to distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, cybercrime is a clear and present 24/7 danger to every enterprise in our interconnected, always-on world.

Your small business IT support provider can help you to deploy the latest security measures and advise you and your team on the best cybersecurity practices. Moreover, they can perform proactive around the clock data security checks to detect threats and prevent theft and intrusion.

Another crucial factor is that your MSP can keep your company compliant with all the latest regulations and protocols, like the European Union’s (EU’s) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This is especially important around the protection of sensitive information, breaches of which can lead to tough penalties and fines.

  • Enabling you to focus on your business

Running a London-based business is hard enough without having to worry about ongoing IT problems and their solutions.

Your small business IT support partner will free you up to concentrate on managing your enterprise and all the important tasks that entails, while they manage your IT. This pays dividends if you’re not good at undertaking those regular updates, back-ups and all the other niggling technical requirements which tend to get overlooked in a busy business.

  • The ability to change as your business does

One of the key benefits of a managed IT service for your small business is their flexibility and scalability. Opt for a standard package, chose a complete end-to-end solution or simply cherry-pick the support capabilities you need for particular projects – everything can evolve as your business does.

What to expect in your small business IT support package

Not all MSPs are the same or offer identical services, but most

usually include:

  • Comprehensive Mac & Windows IT support capability, including Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace,
  • Setting up and monitoring your network 24/7, then alerting you to any issues,
  • Acting as your IT help and remote support desk, rapidly answering questions, solving problems and processing IT tasks,
  • Delivering face-to-face, on-site engineering and consultancy expertise when required,
  • Installing and managing cybersecurity tools to protect your infrastructure and network – including mobile device access – from breaches,
  • Managing your Cloud infrastructure,
  • Performing data backups so your confidential business-crucial information stays that way,
  • Ensuring compliance with data regulations, especially around sensitive information,
  • Undertaking data analytics so you gain useful insights into your business, clients and customers,
  • Unifying your business’ communication channels – including telephony and e-mail – by merging them onto the same IP network,
  • Providing SaaS (software as a service) by enabling you to use software applications that it owns and hosts,
  • Dedicated technical Account Managers who will meet with you regularly to discuss and roadmap your requirements.

 How to choose your small business IT support provider

Look for a managed IT services support partner that can provide you with all the capabilities and business benefits we’ve outlined above. Then, before you decide, ensure those on your shortlist can offer you the following:

  • A local, London-based support team, because if you need on-site assistance with your IT, speed is of the essence.
  • A careful analysis of your needs now and in the future and a best-fit, best in class solution that’s tailored to those requirements.
  • Experience and expertise gained from working for numerous clients in diverse industry sectors.
  • The confidence and peace of mind ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials accreditation and being a Microsoft Partner status brings.
  • Excellent and independent reviews and recommendations for their customer service.

You’ll find that the team here at totality services – the go to IT support provider for London – can tick all the above boxes for you. We’ve achieved two consecutive Feefo Gold Trusted Service Awards in the last couple of years, Five Star ratings from both Trustpilot and Google and a 98% client retention rate.

So for a friendly, confidential and no obligation discussion about the small business IT support we can offer London’s business community, please don’t hesitate to call us.

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