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The Seven Best Uses of Bots

Chatbots are ubiquitous. From Twitter’s Tay to Facebook Messenger’s upcoming bot, chatbots are changing the way businesses operate.

Bots are changing businesses

With the rapid evolution of technology, businesses have to adapt equally fast in the digital era. Bots that provide voice search is seen by some experts as the death of the keyboard searches. Google Home, Cortana, Siri and Alexa have become commonplace. But a new era of intelligent business bots are transforming the way businesses design and deliver products and services. In what is dubbed as enterprise transformation, these special purpose bots are slated to replace workflows, processes and interfaces in London, best managed by IT Support London services.

Seven best uses of bots

1. Shopping

Arguably the best use of bots is in shopping or e-commerce. Sephora’s bot lets you browse beauty and fashion products and also recommends videos featuring tutorials. You could also book an appointment with a make-up artist through Sephora’s messenger bot. Estee Lauder’s Mortimer is a bot that can help with your gift box searches. Covergirl’s bot on kik lets you get discounts and coupons.
OnCall from Macy’s helps you connect to an actual shopping assistant in the stores. eBay’s UNIQLO and Nordstrom bots help with your purchase.

2. Accounting and finance

The new bot “Pegg” being developed by Sage is a smart financial assistant. Working through Slack and Facebook Messenger, Pegg helps businesses track and manage finances and expenses. Sage also has plans for releasing five cloud accounting solutions worldwide, including London. Enlisting IT support London services to manage the cloud accounting solutions will give the best results. Xero and Nerdwallet help you find financial advisers while Fidelity by Amazon Echo provides stock market updates.

3. Travel and hospitality

From Hipmunk to Expedia, Kayak to KLM, travel bots are hugely popular. From booking flights to making hotel reservations, these travel bots can help with every step of your travel. Airbnb even has feedback bots that you can complain to if you are unhappy with the services. Cosmopolitan’s bot Rose gives suggestions in Vegas based on your profile and preferences.

4. Real estate

Searching for properties can be a real pain in the neck for many people given the wide array of options and difficulty in narrowing down searches. Real estate agents may not always have your best interests while recommending. But Trulia’s bot is friendly but neutral and can give unbiased service with the best matching suggestions.

5. Pension advice
Matilda, created by Matter which is a consultancy firm, is a smart bot that knows everything there is to know about pensions. Luvo is another smart bot assistant built by RBS with a world of help on debit cards, reporting lost cards and getting new pins.

6. Customer service

Bots of famous brands including Johnnie Walker and Campbell’s can make recommendations for products based on customer profile. The smart bot can also provide recipes. The Pepsodent bot teaches brushing habits to children while you can order a beer without leaving your seat using smart bot Alexa Skill.

7. Election bots

New York Times and Washington Post had bots that could analyze the trends during the 2016 elections.

Chatbots are very helpful, and they are increasingly becoming popular. The coming years will see a number of chatbots emerging, making people’s lives easier!

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