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Recycle Your Old IT Kits

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to upgrade office equipment in keeping with changing times, but more importantly, to make use of newer and more sophisticated equipment. The question then arises, what must be done with the old equipment?

There are warranted fears that valuable information can get into the wrong hands, so businesses just throw way old IT kits – sometimes after breaking them into smithereens. These methods, however, are irresponsible ways of getting rid of old IT kits. Dumping or offloading of e-waste must comply with environmental legislation that ensures data is disposed of safely.

Many business owners are unaware of the implications of disposing of e-waste irresponsibly. According to Business Waste, a whopping 95% of companies still send their e-waste to landfills instead of having it picked up, recycled, or reused.

Sadly, many reusable computers are destroyed for fear of data getting stolen. These scares are real – identity theft and corporate crime have occurred in the past. So, company bosses prefer to destroy IT goods completely rather than handing them over to a third party to be disposed of in a proper manner.

Fortunately, there is an increasing number of electronic waste specialists in the UK, especially that offer secure data wiping services along with disposal facilities that comply with legal requirements. Meanwhile, several thousands of old IT kits are being generated year after year, but only a fraction are being recycled.

Here are some important points to keep in mind when it comes to getting rid of old IT kits:

  • Discarded IT kits cannot simply be dumped like regular garbage, as they are classified as hazardous waste.
  • Businesses must deal with waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) separately.
  • The legislation states that you could be called to prove that your WEEE has been disposed of in an environment-friendly way and keeping with the legislation.

Here are three things that you can do with old IT kits:

  • Reuse old devices that still have a bit of life left in them. Cloud services make it possible for organisations to upload their data on the cloud, so they don’t have to worry about storing or managing as much software and information as they once did.
  • Make use of manufacturer recycling schemes. IT manufacturers these days have recycling schemes in an endeavour to safeguard the environment and also to help consumers satisfy their legal obligations. Manufacturers such as Dell, Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, and even Apple allow their respective consumers to return their IT equipment. The equipment is “de-manufactured” and parts will either be recycled or reused. All unusable parts are disposed of responsibly.
  • Make use of specialist IT recycling companies. Professional IT recycling companies recycle IT kits either free of charge or for a small fee. If you opt to recycle your IT kits through a specialist IT recycling firm, make sure the company offers data security and removal as well. Further, the firm must comply with WEEE legislation. You can also ask to take a look at their Waste Carriers License.

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