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With an abundance of hi-tech products and services, every IT consultancy in London should be able to wow their clients (and hopeful new acquisitions) with vast lists of mind-boggling methods into how they can help.

The crucial thing to remember isn’t just what they can do—but how they’re going to do it for you.

Every business is made up of people, after all, so relationships and reliability are equally important. Yes, of course, you should find an IT provider that comes with excellent references, remarkable skillsets with future-proof ideas and foresight. However, the relationship should be just as transparent, effective and dependable.

Getting the most out of an IT consultancy in London

As a specialist operating explicitly in London, we want to assure our clients that we tailor our services to the unique environment the area creates.

If you choose well, your relationship with your IT consultant should last the lifetime of your business. They will be there to provide answers to all of your questions, to supply solutions to the problems you didn’t know you had, and to offer guidance to propel you into the future.

A transparent and informative relationship will allow a good consultant to advise on any areas where a system could be stronger and how to go about making those improvements.

The following are four key areas in IT consultancy. We outline some of the questions you should be considering and what you should expect from your chosen provider.

1. Cloud consultancy in London

When it comes to selecting a consultant to handle cloud-based systems, you need to understand the nuances of what your business actually needs and what’s available to do the job.

Do you have an existing system that needs streamlining or modernising? Or are you setting one up from scratch?

You should be looking for a system that is fully scalable so it can grow with you. The associated costs for the level of service required should represent the products and resources you’ll receive and be fixed to an appropriate budget.

Security is paramount, of course, and your provider should accept all responsibility of such. If they don’t, perhaps you need to ask yourself why?

You should be confident that the recommended solutions will manage your data and analytics as well as handling all of your business applications. It should be able to propel your business into the future, so be sure to consider migration, networking, security and compliance for every element of your business modernisation.

Cloud services are both incredibly reliable and environmentally friendly. They need to be powerful and agile to work seamlessly with your needs.

Your relationship with any London based cloud consultant should always feel like you’re part of a team, and not just buying into a service.

2. Microsoft Sharepoint consultancy in London

If you’re an existing Sharepoint user or you’re choosing to dive in and take advantage of the many collaboration functions and procedures it has on offer, you need to be confident you’re getting the best from each of the elements you choose to utilise.

When working with a Sharepoint consultant, be sure that they understand your exact requirements. Explain your business needs, current operations and strategic goals.

A good consultant will be able to help. A great consultant will guide you in how to use their system in ways you hadn’t thought of. They should deliver the technology and the best practices for you to apply to create the transformation you need.

Once delivered, make sure that you’ll receive the support and guidance to understand and analyse the data it will provide. You should understand how to use what you learn to evolve your workflow and turn resulting ideas into a new efficient methodology.

Sharepoint is a true all-rounder in document, project and customer relationship management, marketing, human resources and web integration. With such an extensive system, you should receive all of the relevant guidance and training in customisation, strategy, architecture and development.

3. GDPR consultancy in London

Achieving GDPR compliance (in London or anywhere in the UK) is big business in today’s hi-tech data-driven markets.

A consultant needs to identify all risks specific to your business management and operation. They should recommend leading industry solutions that can overcome any likely issues and how they expect to implement each package or system.

Pinpointing risk should be taken care of through a thorough audit and GAP analysis to identify non-compliant areas. Your IT and cyber security setup should include all key recommendations and comply with the General Data Protection Regulations.

Your consultant needs to guide you through the many different types of data you hold, how you should manage each of them and also how you should handle their storage. It’s essential to understand who owns the data and who has access to it, how it is protected and that every element of your GDPR system conforms to current laws.

4. Security consultancy in London

The cyber security landscape is a constantly changing and complex area of IT consultancy.

It is imperative that the business protects itself from the daily releases of threat, each new virus or hack designed to attack systems from any possible angle.

Your cyber security consultant should create a robust system to protect you and remove the many risks the threats represent.

Protection and prevention is a must. Detection and defence are just as important to govern how to manage any new threats.

A review of your existing system should be carried out to find areas of weakness. Penetration and vulnerability scanning will show all of the sections where you need to bolster security.

Your security must include protection for all business and customer data conforming to EU GDPR law. As well as secure protection, your system must incorporate disaster recovery and backup services. In the event of a breach—at any level—you should be prepared to action a backup plan to get your business operations back to normal as soon as possible while minimising downtime.

Choose carefully—that way you’ll only have to choose once

When employing any business or service, we appreciate cost is always a factor. However, when it comes to protecting your assets and developing your business, excellence and experience should be provided at an appropriate price.

A leading consultant will offer true value. This value will be dependent on their accumulated experience, industry knowledge, expertise and level of service.

Don’t merely look for accreditation and brand certification; important as they are, reviews and references from delighted clients will outline the type of experience and the kind of results you can expect to receive.



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