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Microsoft 365 litigation hold

Litigation hold sounds like a feature reserved for solicitors and it’s certainly something that is necessary for companies in that vertical, however lots of our non-legal London based clients benefit from it.

It’s basically a feature that copies all emails to a secret mailbox behind the scenes and holds them there. This means that the user could delete an important email, and several years later an administrator can search for and recover the information required.

Here are a few Microsoft 365 litigation hold key facts:

  1. The litigation mailbox has a storage capacity of 100GB
  2. The searches are done using a process call ‘E Discovery’ which is really powerful. You can search for things like sender, recipient or even just the content of the mail.
  3. It’s included in the Microsoft 365 E3 package, or it can be added onto other plans.
  4. Emails are kept for a set period or indefinitely.
  5. You can switch it on for shared mailboxes.

If you have a user whose mailbox might be precious and your scared they might delete something you will need, simply switch it on and stop worrying.

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