IT Support West London

If you’ve ever thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if our IT just worked,’ you would benefit from our award-winning IT support services and we should be talking.

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IT support East London

IT support West London

totality services was founded in 2008 to set-up and keep your technology working at peak performance levels to help your people stay productive and your organisation profitable and growing. In short, we monitor your IT 24/7 to minimise faults, issues and threats and maximise your tech’s availability and your business continuity.

We work with numerous small to medium-sized businesses across London, one of our offices is based in Putney so this part of London is our spiritual home. West London is also home to some of the capital’s most sought-after residential addresses, any number of successful businesses and world famous landmarks.

Our IT support company in West London is to set up and keep your technology working at peak performance levels to ensure your people are always productive and your business profitable. But, most of all, you can count on us to deliver fast, flexible, reliable, affordable, and effective fixes when anything goes away.

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West London IT Professionals

If your company is based West London and you are looking for a cost-effective IT Support company you can trust, totality services can help.

We’ve worked with numerous operations of every shape, size and sector. So we’ve become highly experienced and expert in delivering fast, flexible, reliable, affordable and effective IT support in London.

Tailored IT Support for West London businesses

Our tailored, sustainable, cost-effective, best-fit and best-in-class  IT services and IT security solutions in West End of London (including Soho, Covent Garden, Fitzrovia and Marylebone, Oxford Street and Marble Arch, Leicester Square and Covent Garden, Mayfair and Piccadilly, Holborn and Bloomsbury) give you the business continuity and peace of mind you demand and deserve.

And while the speed of the fix is of the essence – we’ve resourced our help desk, customer service and technical support teams to hit that most important of KPIs – there’s so much more to us than that. Right from IT advice and consultancy, software, hardware installations, upgrades and repairs, through new implementations, migrations and digital transformations to exacting cybersecurity and compliance tools, everything we do is driven by the needs of your business.

IT Support for West London that‘s built on firm foundations

Not only do we provide IT support, IT services and IT security solutions that are completely flexible and tailored to fit your business requirements exactly, they’re scalable so they can evolve as your operations do.

And whether you opt for managed, remote or on-site IT support you’ll benefit from the consistent peace of mind that comes from knowing we’re:

  • Experts in Windows and Mac environments.
  • Equally adept with innovative, Cloud-based collaboration tools like
  • Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace
  • Microsoft Partners and recognised by a wide range of the world’s leading IT vendors.
  • Accredited to key industry certifications, such as Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001.

What’s more, everything we do is designed to be clear, simple and fair. That’s right from our simple and fully-costed onboarding process to our straightforward service level agreements (SLAs). As a result, you always know what to expect from us.

IT support in West London that delivers results

If you’d like to take your business to the next level, the right IT backed up with the right IT support can empower you and your people to do just that, helping to improve your effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, profitability and competitive edge.

We’re here to help businesses in West London

The key benefit you’ll enjoy when you partner with us is peace of mind. We’ll give you total confidence in your technology, from servers, PCs, laptops and mobile devices through your network equipment such as switches and routers to cybersecurity-specific applications like firewalls and anti-virus software.

Our services and solutions are designed and delivered to provide everything you need to be able to concentrate on managing your business while leaving us to manage your technology, including:

  • Unrivalled experience and expertise of partnering numerous organisations in a wide range of industry sectors.
  • Proactive and fast response times, to keep your IT and your people working.
  • Around the clock remote monitoring – with our service desk support just a call or e-mail away – so that we spot and stop performance and security issues before you even know you’ve had them.
  • Ensuing you’re enterprise is compliant to the most important data protection and privacy regulations, like GDPR.
  • Straightforward and transparent service level agreements (SLAs) drawn up to meet your needs, so you can be confident in, and plan around, IT support.
  • Installing all those fiddly and time-consuming fixes, patches and updates when required, to ensure your IT and data are kept safe and secure.
  • Regularly reviewing and refining our IT strategy and IT support to ensure our service is aligned with – and able to deliver – your commercial objectives.


How can totality services help my West London business?

totality services is a trusted IT support partner. We can provide IT support for London businesses of all sizes, whether you are a one-office SME or you operate across multiple sites. Our focus is on helping you resolve IT problems, from cybersecurity breaches to hardware failures. We can also help you grow your business by increasing efficiency and reducing risk. Whatever your business’s goals, totality services is here to help.

The experienced team at totality services provides an award-winning service. We can offer dedicated IT support and managed services anytime and from anywhere.
Our tailored IT Support services are perfect for your business if:

  • You have 10-250 employees
  • Your business is London-based
  • You’re looking for award winning IT Support at a fixed monthly cost
  • You’re looking for proactive 24/7 IT Support
  • Cybersecurity is a top priority for your business
  • You want to protect your workforce from hackers
  • You want excellent customer service and fast response times

98% of our clients rate our service as exceptional, thanks to our personal and tailored approach, so if you need an experienced, expert and dedicated IT support provider, give the friendly team at totality services a call today to discuss your business needs.

Does totality services Offer 24/7 IT Support?

We offer a dedicated 24/7 IT support solution, so no matter what time of the day or night you need help, we are always there to assist.

Here’s what you can expect from totality services as your IT support partner:

  • Experts on call 24/7, 365 days of the year.
  • All of our expert IT engineers are real people and speak in plain English.
  • Fast response times and award-winning customer service.
  • Strategic IT Consultancy.
  • Unlimited remote IT support via phone & email.
  • Systems monitoring to ensure your systems are up to date.
  • Professional Account Management meetings.

Why should my business care about cybersecurity?

Cybercrime has cost UK businesses in excess of £87 billion since 2015 and experts estimate that hackers successfully target one small business every 19 seconds in 2020, especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic, which left a lot of businesses more vulnerable.

A cybersecurity attack can inflict on your hard-earned reputation and base of loyal customers could mean the end of your enterprise.

Many small and medium-sized businesses don’t have dedicated IT staff – so it’s worth finding one of London’s IT Support providers to help.

We can support your IT and business in many ways. These range from the 24/7 network security monitoring and threat detection, to ensuring you’re using the leading-edge solutions and industry best practices that will transform your core business processes and drive you on toward success.

Why does my West London business need IT Support?

IT support is critical in today’s technologically driven world. A dedicated IT support provider plays a crucial role in any business, large or small. IT support providers like totality services don’t just provide a triage service when things go wrong – we work in a proactive way to look for problems before they materialise and identify ways your business can work more profitably and efficiently.

Here are the main reasons why your business shouldn’t ignore the need for professional IT support.


Security is top of the list, of course. All IT support providers should offer security services to protect your business from hackers and other cybercriminals. A good IT support partner like totality services will identify areas of risk and put robust strategies into place to minimise those risks.


IT support can help improve business efficiency by suggesting better IT systems that streamline business processes and reduce inefficiencies to boost employee satisfaction in the workplace.


Once business efficiency has been improved with better IT systems, you should see a boost in business productivity.


IT support must always be reliable. You need to know you have a trusted partner ready to assist when there is a problem with IT equipment, or a hacker is attempting to disrupt your business. With an IT support partner like totality services, you are in expert hands.


Keeping up with the latest technology is a full-time job, but when you have totality services on your team, you can relax. We keep abreast of all the latest IT technology changes and we can advise you when it’s time to upgrade your tech to aid with business efficiency and productivity.

If your current IT support partner isn’t offering all this and more, isn’t it time for a change? Whether you have a server issue on Christmas Day or a hacker is threatening to steal all your client data, We are here to help. We’ll resolve all issues fast, with the minimum of fuss, which is exactly what a good IT support partner should be able to do.