data backup

Data backup

For your peace of mind.

Data backup

Are your files securely and automatically backed on a daily basis? If not, and the worst should happen and your hardware is stolen or corrupted – what would you do? Our data backup service protects your business data, keeping it secure, compliant and accessible.

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Daily backups

The service schedules and performs daily automatic backups from your server or data storage device to the cloud with defined retention periods. The backups are monitored by our staff every morning via our advanced reporting platform – if there are any failures, these are immediately dealt with by the totality services helpdesk and resolved.


ISO accredited

All data and information is backed up to 3 fully managed ISO accredited Tier 3+ UK data centres. This ensures that your critical business data is protected and can be securely downloaded to any internet connected data storage device if needed.

Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award 2019

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