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5 security tips for your business

Over the last few months we have acquired several London based small business clients who came to us with harrowing stories of ransomware attacks and data loss. We obviously sympathise with companies in these scenarios and help as needed, however there are some simple steps that can be taken to avoid data loss or data being compromised.

So how small and medium business help protect themselves from potentially catastrophic errors, leaks or hacks?

Back-up your data

This encompasses all your business information, including your website, your files, your customer database, even your Outlook contacts. Making it an ongoing part of your routine can help you from having that ‘if only’ moment when you notice files have disappeared. An automated nightly backup service will give you total peace of mind, for our solution please click here

Keep your security software updated & implement admin rights

As your first line of defence against malicious activity, you’ll need a firewall (e.g. a SonicWall) and anti-virus software in place – it’s critical the software is updated regularly. Don’t forget, security companies have teams working around the clock to continually develop their products so they keep up with new potential threats that could cause harm. Another good thing to do is to remove admin rights for your staff, you can read more about that here

Strengthen passwords

We’re all fully aware that having ‘password’ as our password for everything is not going to cut it anymore. However, as authentication hacking tools grow more complex, our passwords need to do the same. Use diverse characters, including capital letters and symbols. The strongest are the longest, so a sentence featuring punctuation works well. Be sure to change your passwords every three months, and don’t share them with others.

Train your employees

If you employ anyone at your business, ensure they’re trained in basic online security. Employees are the biggest security risk to a company, so take the time to let them know they have to be on the ball when it comes to protecting your business and your customer’s online. It’s everyone’s responsibility.

Implement encryption

Encryption is key to keeping information secure and there are various ways you can do this. Software such as Malware Removal scans for malicious programs or viruses and identify vulnerabilities on your website. Any company laptops holding sensitive data should also be encrypted using software such as BitLocker.

If you have any questions regarding this article or need IT Support help for your London based business, please get in touch.

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